Whether you’re just obtaining started in real estate or room an market veteran, friend should understand how plenty of feet space in a story. Proceed reading to learn more now, including the history of words story and how it applies to real estate.

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The indigenous story has two meanings in the English language: One designates the basic height the a structure or framework (like a 2-story building) and the various other refers to a story for entertainment (like reading a bedtime story).

We’re focusing on stories as lock relate to the basic height of a structure or structure in the united States. Whereby did this term come from? how long has it been in common usage? How plenty of feet are in a story?

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To find why we started associating the word story with structure levels, we need to start in ~ the beginning. Here’s the accepted etymology, or origin, of words story:

The Latin word historia (where we get “history”) brought about the Anglo-Norman French indigenous estoree, definition building. One of two people historia or estoree, or both, might have brought about the late center English native story.The use of the word in recommendation to basic height the a structure came around “perhaps originally denoting a tier of paint windows or sculptures on the prior of a building (representing a historical subject)” follow to the Oxford Dictionary.Some etymologists wonder if the Gaelic indigenous staidhir (meaning trip of stairs) could be responsible because that our advance of the word story (“stairy”). However, this is not the generally welcomed word origin.

Today, us use the word story without thinking of the fascinating background and history of the word. Over there is ageneral consensusthat this word began being offered to express to buildings rather than tales alone in the 1400’s.

Let’s take a step back in time to find how words came right into this type of usage.

It’s 1422. You and most of her neighbors and also townspeople space illiterate. Pictures and images execute a much better job of interacting than words in this time period. A spiritual person that lives following door come you begins painting Biblical stories and scenes top top the sides and also windows of their homes.

It catches on, and also soon many buildings and homes in her town are adorned through paintings and also “stories” on every level. It becomes so commonplace that it seeps into the language. Now, when you refer to a residence down the street, girlfriend talk around the stories on it.

You can say “It’s the home with 2 stories,” (because every level gave more space to paint, or tell, a various story or scene). Once you talked around the level the the building you lived in, you might say “My room is on the 3rd story.”

Because images so generally depicted a different story on every level of a building, the word took top top a brand-new meaning.

Using stories to describe Buildings

The fascinating background of words story can assist us have actually a better understanding of why we use this native to describe different levels of a building. There space correct and incorrect means to to express to structure stories, and sometimes, we see the word supplied interchangeably with “floor.”

Story vs Floor

It’s usual to hear who say lock live in a high-rise 30 story apartment building, however not very often do we hear someone say lock live on the 10th “story.” Instead, they’ll usually say lock live top top the 10th floor.

Why? In general, we use stories to describe the appearance of the level indigenous the outside of the building. That’s probably due to the fact that of the historical origins of words referring to painted walls and windows ~ above the exterior of the building.

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Today, we usage “floor” to refer to the really level within the building. It’s a 4 story building, yet you space on the third floor. Confusing, yet it’s the way it is.