Popcorn is delicious. Once watching a movie ~ above a Saturday night, what do you do? Pop part popcorn in the microwave.

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Unfortunately, those bags of popcorn are complete of fat, calories, and also chemicals. Blech.

I have a systems though! Pop her own and top it with what you want.

Today’s #strangebutgood concentrates on POPCORN.

Thanks come Laura because that the crazy great link-up!

Just since the popcorn the comes pre-seasoned is no healthy, it doesn’t typical POPCORN isn’t healthy.

Popcorn actually is complete of fiber (1g every cup) and only has 30 calories a cup (popped). It is also whole grain and good for your heart.

So, how do we resolve this popcorn problem?

An waiting popper! (if ya don’t have actually one, over there is an additional helpful attach at the bottom)

This kitchen gadget was a arbitrarily Christmas current a couple of years back, and I LOVE it!

I usage Bob’s Red Mill White Popcorn (ordered indigenous iherb.com –use the code: MLS308 to conserve $)

Just put in 1/2 cup that popcorn kernels..

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and WA-LA!

Look at every one of that popcorn! The 1/2 cup of kernels is just 360 calories as soon as it is every popped! (that is what a constant bag of popcorn is..and you don’t get almost as much)

***Now for the fun and also #strangebutgood part…***



I have actually two execution today: a sweet and also a savory

sweet: 1/2t cinnamon

savory: 1/2t cumin, dashes of cayenne

All ya require is: 2 cups of popped popcorn, couple sprays of olive oil, and also your selection of spices!


-Scoop increase 2 cups of popcorn

-Spritz olive oil ~ above top

-Sprinkle on toppings


Look just how portable lock are! The 2 sandwich bags have 2 cup of popcorn in each. The gallon bag is holding the remainder for an additional day.

No wait popper? No problem. Head end to Lindsay’s website for directions on healthy Microwave Popcorn!

Now simply don’t walk blaming me if you get kicked out of the movie theatre for bringing your own