I have to divide numbers from 1 to 9 into two team such that sum of numbers in one team is equal to the sum of various other group.Note : 6 cannot be flipped end to do it 9.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 and also 7 8 6Since summation of number 1-9(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) is 45 , therefore its impossible to divide right into two equal parts.Since we cant flip end 6 to make it 9 but we can flip 9 to do it 6 and also hence the solution

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We have arranged matchsticks in a manner the all the an initial row, 2nd row, very first column and third column save 12 matchsticks each. Can you remove 4 matchsticks and rearrange all the remaining matchsticks that we space still left v 12 matchsticks in the very first row, 2nd row, an initial column and the 3rd column.

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You are offered with 2 ropes with variable width. However if we start burning both the ropes, they will certainly burn at precisely same time i.e. One hour. The ropes room non-homogeneous in nature. You room asked to measure up 45 minutes by making use of these 2 ropes.How deserve to you execute it? Please keep in mind that you can’t break the rope in half as the is being clearly stated the the ropes room non-homogeneous in nature.

45 minutesExplanation : every you have to do is burn the first rope native both the ends and also the second rope native one finish only simultaneously. The an initial rope will burn in 30 minute (half of one hour due to the fact that we burned from both sides) if the other rope would have charred half. In ~ this moment, light the 2nd rope from the other finish as well. Where, the second rope would have taken half an hour more to burn completely, it will certainly take simply 15 minutes as we have actually lit that from the other end too.Thus you have effectively calculated 30+15 = 45 minutes through the aid of the two offered ropes.

You room sitting in front of your interviewer. He gives you 3 envelopes. One of them includes an offer letter and the other two room empty. You pick up among them. Now, the interviewer opens up up among the envelope lied on the table and you discover out that it is blank.Now, he offers you a opportunity to switch her envelope through the one top top the table. Would you move it? Why or why not?

Yes, you have to switch the envelope. In the beginning when you choose up the envelope, you had a 1/3 probability of recognize an market letter in the envelope. There was 2/3 opportunity that the letter to be there in the two envelopes ~ above the table.If you store your selected envelope, friend still have a 1/3 possibility of recognize an offer letter in that. However, because the interviewer has actually removed one north envelope indigenous the table, if you switch, you have actually a probability the 2/3 that the market letter is inside that.

I was invite on a pet show by a fellow colleague. Because I to be a bit busy that day, I sent my brothers to the show. When he returned back I asked him about the show. That told me that all except two animals were fishes, all other than two pets were cats and all other than two entries to be dogs.To his statement i was a little puzzled and also I could not understand exactly how many pets of each kind were existing in that pet show. Have the right to you phone call me?

one fish, one cat and one dog.Explanation:The concern might appear a bit an overwhelming in the beginning but if you analyze the statements, you will certainly realize that it is simply a tricky one. All other than two were fishes and all except two were cats. V these explanation we can assume that 2 of the pets were not fishes and also two were not cats. Now one the those pets that space not fishes can be a cat and one of those two pets that room not cats deserve to be a fish. Just bring out the same analysis for the statement that all other than two animals were not dogs and you will certainly come throughout the an outcome i.e.:In the competition, there to be one fish, one cat and one dog.

Cindy opened twenty five presents.Duke opened 5 presents.John opened up fifteen presents.Judging through the statements, have the right to you decipher how numerous presents will be opened up by Rhea?

Rhea will certainly open simply one present.Cindy|Y - Y is the 25th alphabetDuk|E - E is the fifth alphabetJoh|N - N is the fifteenth alphabetRhe|A - A is the an initial alphabet

A competitive exam was hosted in which five students took part namely Billy, Gerry, Clark, Peeta and also Jonathan. In this exam, they had to answer 5 questions each out of which, three had multiple options as a, b or c and also two were straightforward true and also false questions. The five of them gave different answers to the questions and also the details space as provided below. Name 1 2 3 4 5Gerry c b True True FalseBilly c c True True TrueClark a c False True TruePeeta b a True True FalseJonathana b True False TrueNone of the two students gave the same number of correct answers. Can you find out the exactly answers come the question? Also, calculation the individual score of every the 5 guys.

It has actually been clearly stated that none that the 2 students gave same variety of correct answers i m sorry leads us to two various possibilities of exactly answers:Either (1 + 2 +3 + 4 + 5 = 15) or (0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10) was standing true.After evaluating the question, the maximum variety of correct answers possible with the answers Gerry, Billy, Clark, Peeta and also Jonathan gave:Question 1 = 2 (b or c)Question 2 = 2 (b or c)Question 3= 4 (True)Question 4 = 4 (True)Question 5 = 3 (True)Let us an initial assume with the maximum variety of correct answers possible according come our data which space 15 (2+2+4+4+3). Follow to it, Billy must have offered all exactly answers as he to be the just one that answered True for questions 3, 4 and also 5. However in the case, Gerry and Clark must have actually given specifically three correct answers. Furthermore, Peeta and also Jonathan need to have offered two exactly answers. As such none that them got all the five correct answers i m sorry is wrong according to what we have actually analyzed.Thus we move on come our next assumption according to which, the total variety of correct answers are 10 (0+1+2+3+4). Currently we must acknowledge that questions 3 and also Question 4 cannot be False as it will typical that the variety of correct answers would not it is in 10. Therefore the students providing wrong answers can not be Gerry, Billy and Peeta.Assume that Jonathan acquired all wrong, the will imply that Gerry, Clark and also Peeta every would have at least two exactly answers. Then, Billy would have to be the human being with just one exactly answer and in the situation, the correct answers for inquiries 1 and also 2 would certainly be a and also a respectively. Since that is not feasible as then the total number of correct answers would certainly be 1 (a) + 1 (a) + 1 (False) + 4 (True) + 2 (Flase) = 9.Thus it need to be Clark who has provided all not correct answers. The exactly answers are then b, a, True, False and False. Also, the scores are Clark (0), Billy (1), Gerry (2), Jonathan (3) and Peeta (4).

A brother desires to usage his brother"s desktop computer. When he opens up it, that finds the end that the is password protected. Now, that clicks top top the hint and also the following appears in prior of him:1 Jug 2 Birthdays 3 Fights 4 dare 2 laptops 1 WatchHe is left confused entirely. He has actually no clue. Have the right to you help him v the password?

Although that looks complicated, the prize is simple. The password come his computer is JIGSAW.

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1st letter of Jug = J2nd letter that Birthdays = I3rd letter the Fights = G4th letter of car =S2nd letter of laptops = A1st letter of watch = W

A quarter is 1/4th the a dollar but Professor Mr.beer-selection.com has actually reversed the equation as below :DOLLAR * 4 = QUARTERYou must replace every alphabet by a number come decipher the logic used by Professor come make above equation true.