As mentioned on the previous page, unfortunately there isn"t a whole lot in the way of "Hints and Tips". This is something you"ll be familiar with if you"ve ever played one of the LEGO games. To reach 100% completion it"ll require multiple playthroughs and by the end of the game it"ll definitely have become tedious.

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Remember that Cheat Codes can be used to unlock all the games Red Bricks, that"s the only thing that will slightly cut down on time to complete this game. It"ll still require multiple playthroughs though and so is optional.

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Game Modes:

You"ll start off with access to Story Mode only. Playing through this you"ll unlock Free Play for each level you complete and also the story related characters. You"ll have access to collect some of the Red Bricks and white Mini-Kits though you won"t be able to collect all of them; to do that you"ll need to come back and play through each level again on Free Play and make use of the additional characters available to use. You"ll also have the ability to earn "True-Jedi" on each level you play (this will be made infinitely easier if you opt to make use of the score multipliers), to obtain this on each level you simply need to collect enough LEGO studs. Don"t focus too heavily on this too much initially though, you"ll be doing enough subsequent playthroughs of each level to earn this later if you miss any levels.

Hub World mode. The hub world in this game is the Mos Eisley Cantina we all know and love, complete with LEGO Figrin D"an and the Modal Nodes. From here you"ll have access to each of the film worlds (accessible via numerically marked doors at the back of the Cantina area). To the left of the Cantina you"ll notice a bar; from here you can purchase Hints, Characters, Extras and Gold Bricks. This is also the area from which you can enter Cheat Codes. You"ll need to purchase all the items from here for your 100% achievement. To the left of the shop you"ll notice a timer and percentage display, this denotes how long you"ve played the game and tracks your progress toward the 100% achievement.

To the left of the shop and to the right of the Cantina band there"s a doorway which leads you to an outside area. From here you can travel to the right and view your Mini-Kit collection or head toward the back of this area and enter the Bounty Hunter"s bar, it"s from here that we"ll be doing the Bounty Hunter Challenges later.

Back to the Cantina. On the right you"ll notice 2 characters floating in tubes. If you step onto the small platform in front of them you"ll be able to edit the characters in the tube. These are the "Stranger" characters that you can customise and use in Free Play.

To the left of the Stranger customisation tanks you"ll see a doorway with a question mark above it. This leads to the bonus area, from here you can play through each of the films bonus levels, we"ll need to do this later to collect their Gold Bricks, you can also access a door within this area that allows you to watch the trailer for the then upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones game. You"ll need to do this to unlock Indiana Jones as a bonus character.

Finally, back within the Cantina, to the right of the store and to the left of the doorway to Episode I you"ll see a doorway that leads to the 2-player Arcade mode. You"ll need to use this room later for an achievement.

Story mode levels will closely follow the films we all love. The 6 films are broken up into 6 chapters, each film will start with Chapter 1 unlocked and you"ll unlock the subsequent chapters as you play through each film.

Free Play mode allows you to replay the story chapter but with the addition of characters you"ve unlocked. Using these new additional characters you"ll be able to reach parts of the level that you previously weren"t able to. It"s here that you"ll be able to collect the chapters Mini-Kits and Red Bricks.

Challenge mode is essentially just a speed run of the level. It"ll be the chapter of the game stripped bare, no cut scenes. The object here is to just blitz through the level as quickly as possible.

Super Story mode is only unlocked upon the completion of the films 6 chapters. This mode requires you play through each of the 6 chapters in a single sitting, with the additional requirements that you complete the Super Story in under 60 minutes and pick up 100,000 studs along the way. It should be noted that you can run over the time and still complete this for it to count toward your 100% completion achievement but you are required to collect 100,000 studs. These sound a little more daunting than they actually are. The prequel trilogy is easily completed in 35-45 minutes per Super Story while the original trilogy is slightly longer but still shouldn"t present any massive issues, each should take 50-55 minutes.

Each films Super Story is accessible within the film world, it"ll be the doorway after the Chapter 6 door.

Bounty Hunter mode is best thought of as a kind of "Hide & Seek" mini-game. There are 20 missions to choose from, in each you"ll be given 3 minutes to find your target with use of the bounty hunter squad. You"ll need to complete each of these as they each earn you a Gold Brick.

Xbox LIVE mode is simply the same as the above modes with the addition that the second player can be a friend (or stranger) joining you to play over Xbox LIVE. You can either enter this from the games Main Menu or invite a friend from the pause menu "in game".

Character Types:

Each of the games available characters will have 1 or more of the games "core abilities", you"ll become familiar with these as you play the game. Here"s a quick breakdown of the games character types and a couple of examples of each type to help you identify and familiarise yourself with them.

Force (Light Side) - Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu. These characters are the Jedi characters and can interact with Light Side Force objects, these are shown in game by a sparkly Aurora around the item. The colour of the aura will depend on the lightsaber colour. Weapon of choice is of course the Lightsaber. They also have the ability to double jump.

Force (Dark Side) - Darth Maul, Darth Vader. These characters are the Sith characters and can interact with Dark Side Force objects, these are shown in game by a sparkly red Aurora around the item. Weapon of choice is of course the Lightsaber. They too have the ability to double jump.

Grappler/Blaster - Padme, Han Solo, Princess Leia. These characters have the ability to use grapple points to reach "out of jump reach" areas. Their weapon of choice is a form of ranged weaponry (be that a Blaster, Bowcaster etc). These characters cannot double jump. Their second jump is a dive forward.

Astromech - R2-D2, R2-Q5. These characters can access astroports and unlock restricted doorways (by pushing at the astroport). These characters have no weapons as such but can disable droid characters temporarily by pressing

next to them. These characters don"t have the double jump ability, they instead make use of a jet thruster that allows them to hover across distances, to use this you"ll need to hold the

Protocol Droid - C-3PO, TC-14. These characters can access terminal ports and unlock restricted doorways (by pressing at the terminal port). These characters have no weapons as such and have no jump ability.

Bounty Hunter - Boba Fett, Greedo. These characters can access some terminal ports and unlock restricted areas (by pressing at the terminal port). These characters typically use a Blaster as their weapon of choice, they can use Grapple Points and they also have Thermal Bombs as a secondary weapon, use these by pressing . The jump ability depends on which Bounty Hunter you"re using, it varies from a jet pack to diving forwards as the second jump.

Mini/Small Character - Anakin Skywalker (Boy), Jawa, Ewok. These characters can make use of small doorways that are scattered throughout the game.

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High Jumper - General Grievous, Jar Jar Binks. These characters are varied in all aspects. What they share is a much higher jump and/or double jump than the other characters. You"ll need to use them to reach some of the collectables.