When you boot up this game, friend will notification that, like the original, the key story setting is separated up into various chapters because that you come complete. This have the right to make girlfriend wonder how countless chapters in Bayonetta 2 over there are. Each chapter is filled to the brim with countless collectibles and also insane bosses come fight.

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In some ways, if you space someone who just prefers doing the story mode and doesn’t care around scores and collectibles, then you’ll uncover that how numerous chapters in Bayonetta 2 and also how lengthy to beat it is around roughly the same as the initial game. That said, for those that room completionists in ~ heart, girlfriend will uncover that the video game lasts long past the credits.

Bayonetta 2 exactly how Long to Beat: How numerous Chapters in Bayonetta 2?


Like the very first game the originally pertained to Xbox 360, PS3, and also PC before coming to Wii U and also now Switch, how plenty of chapters in Bayonetta 2 is around the same. Just consisting of the key story, there are a total of 16 chapters because that you come complete prior to reaching the finish credits.

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Now, the course, how countless chapters in Bayonetta 2 consists of tons the collectibles and other difficulties to finish that can prolong your gameplay time significantly. At the basic level, because that those that just want to suffer the main story, you’ll discover this sequel is just slightly much shorter than that is predecessor at about 10 hrs tops.

However, if you someone that doesn’t just want to know how many chapters in Bayonetta 2, but also is feather to find every collectible and complete whatever possible, your time will boost exponentially. It have the right to take upwards the 50 or an ext hours to actually find and complete every feasible thing in the game. An excellent luck!