Ice hockey is a physically demanding sport. Goals, passes, and huge saves may look natural for players, but skating and competing top top the ice is a legit workout. Numerous players also pursue the sports for exercise. But how seriously have the right to it be taken as an alternative to the gym? How many calories are shed while playing hockey? This overview will investigate the sports of hockey and burning calories.

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Hockey is a major calorie burning activity. For an ice cream hockey game of one hour, players can burn in ~ a range of 300 to 1100 calories. Calorie burn during any kind of exercise will certainly of course be dependent on your age, sex, height and weight. Other factors can incorporate how much ice time girlfriend get and also the competive level of your hockey game.

Hockey is a High intensity Workout

There is no special technique to maximizing calorie burn throughout a hockey game.

Simply put, skating and also working your hardest on the ice will certainly burn calories. Every stride or stop and start if you’re ~ above the ice requires you come exert her body.

Shooting pucks can also be a irradiate workout for your arms – through slapshots being the many intense. The bodily movement crucial to ice skating around and shoot, or shoot indigenous a standstill, calls for effort.

Hockey is additionally sometimes compared to a sprinter’s workout. Because players beat in shifts, they exercise in intervals before returning to the bench because that a rapid rest.

The football player on the ice then take their change and soon go back to the bench to repeat the procedure – over and also over because that the size of the game.

How plenty of Calories Are melted In A Hockey Game?

It’s an overwhelming to put a single number on how many calories players burn in a game. Everyone’s personal factors – age, sex, height and also weight – determine specific calorie numbers.

Studies suggest that an median number is likely in between 500 and also 700 calories.


Some solutions will market a calorie prediction because that you based on your details data.

Regardless, it is for sure to say the hockey burns serious calories. Skating is an task that will at minimum engage your whole body in a workout.

For even the fittest young athletes, constant shifts during a one-hour hockey game should burn at least 400 calories. And also that’s ~ above the lowest finish of the estimation.

Others will find that hockey is a completely draining workout that helps them shed weight. These players deserve to burn increase of 750 and possibly also over 1000 calories.

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If she interested in play hockey as an alternative to going come the gym, you’re in luck. Hockey is a high calorie-burning activity. Skating is a great exercise the requires motion from your entirety body.

Playing the game itself will certainly burn calories, and also you can always increase the soot of your workout by upping your initiative on the ice.

Your teammates will certainly appreciate that extra calorie burn you put in top top the backcheck.