Clifton Powell Biography

Clifton Powell is an acclaimed American Actor and also Comedian that were born and also brought-up in Washington, D.C. That is widely known for his duties on the biographical movie ‘Ray’ together Jeff Brown, on the action adventure game ‘Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas’ portraying huge Smoke and on the comedy television collection ‘The critical O.G’ as large Mike.

Due to his function on ‘Ray’, he received an NAACP image Award for superior Supporting actor in a Motion picture nomination. He is likewise known for his exceptional works like Next Friday, Just an additional Day and many others and also especially supporting components in movies.

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Clifton Powell Age

Powell is 64 years old as of 2020, he was born top top 16 in march 1956 in Washington, D.C., United states of America. He celebrate his birthday top top 16th March every year and his birth sign is Pisces.

Clifton Powell Height

Clifton stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 8 inch (1.72 meters).

Clifton Powell Education

Powell visited DeMatha Dematha High School. That is likewise a graduate that the Duke Ellington college of the Arts.

Clifton Powell Family, Parents and Siblings

Clifton was born come Naomi and also Aushford Powell in Washington, D.C. He invested his childhood v his 12 siblings consisting of Arley Paul (“Jack”) Powell, Foye Merrel Powell and 10 other siblings.

Clifton Powell Wife and Children

Powell is happily married come his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly Powell. The couple is blessed v two beloved children, a daughter, named may Powell and a son, named Clifton Powell Jr., who is a basketball player.

Clifton Powell net Worth

Clifton has an estimated net precious of $500 thousands dollars together of 2020. This includes his assets, money and income. His primary resource of income is his career as a Actor and also Comedian. Through his assorted sources that income, he has actually been able come accumulate a an excellent fortune however prefers to lead a usually lifestyle.

Clifton Powell Measurements and also Facts

Here space some interesting facts and body dimensions you need to know about him;

Clifton Powell Image

 Clifton Powell Wiki

Full Names: Clifton Lewis Powell, Jr.Popular As: Clifton PowellGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: Actor and also ComedianNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: BlackReligion: not KnowSexual Orientation: Straight

 Clifton Powell Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 64 years (2020)Zodiac Sign: PiscesDate that Birth: 16 march 1956Place the Birth: Washington, D.C., United claims of AmericaBirthday: 16th March

 Clifton Powell body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight / how Tall?: 5 feet 8 inch (1.72 meters)Weight: ModerateEye Color: BlackHair Color: Black

 Clifton Powell Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Aushford PowellMother: Naomi PowellSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): Arley Paul (“Jack”) Powell, Foye Merrel Powell and 10 other siblingsMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse: Married to Kimberly PowellChildren: boy (May Powell) Daughter(s) (Clifton Powell Jr.)

 Clifton Powell network Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $500 ThousandSalary: Under ReviewSource of Income: Actor and also Comedian

 Clifton Powell House and also Cars

Place the living: Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, USACars: auto Brand to be Updated

Clifton Powell GTA Tv Series

On television, Powell had the recurring functions on Roc, south Central, and also Army Wives, and also well as guest-starred on In the warm of the Night, Murder, She Wrote, NYPD Blue, and CSI: Crime step Investigation. In 2016, Powell was cast as the main antagonist in Bounce TV first prime time soap opera, Saints & Sinners the contrary Vanessa Bell Calloway and also Gloria Reuben.

Powell is also known because that his voice acting function as the antagonist big Smoke indigenous the video clip game Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas. In 2017, he appeared in the second season that My action Kidz.

As later as in 2015, he combination a step of the display Chase Street. That has an in similar way shown his voice-acting capability in the computer game cool Theft Auto: san Andreas. He had actually comedic film roles in Norbit and also Rush Hour.

Clifton Powell Jr.

Powell had a son, Clifton Powell Jr., with former girlfriend Kim Crooms. Powell Jr. Is a basketball player that graduated from town Christian High institution in 2015. In his high institution career, he averaged 11.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.3 steals every game.

Consequently, he to be named very first Team All-CIF 1AA and first Team All-Olympic league after helping the routine to CIF and league championships. Clifton Jr. To be born on may 5th, 1997 in Los Angeles, California.

Clifton Powell Controversies and also Sexual Assault

In 2011, a Louisiana woman named Kiayante Myers accused Powell of raping she in a hotel room. The police did not make any kind of progress in the situation due to absence of evidence so she behavior to carry the case to the federal court. The plaintiff and also defendant had known each other for around two and a half years once Powell invited her out.

After a night of drink at W Hotel Bar, both went to The International house Hotel at 221 Camp Street, where Powell to be a registered guest. ~ above entry right into their room, Powell asked the plaintiff come take off her trousers so that he could perform dental sex. The two had consensual sex before falling asleep.

When they wake up the exact same day, Clifton Powell asked for an ext sex however the plaintiff denied him competing that he had actually been an extremely rough with her last time around. After lock failed come agree, Powell is said to have actually used brutal force, choked her, and forced to speak to him ‘Monique’.

The court in 2013, ordered Powell to resolve the case with 153 thousand dollars. ~ Powell failed to salary the sum, the plaintiff was back in court whereby it provided her the authority to cease property from the defendant to clear up the debt.

Powell initiated an very nice one wherein 2017, a judge ruled that Clifton to be innocent and ended the $150,000 federal polite rape case. If dismissing the case, Judge buy it S. Vance provided that there to be inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story and Clifton did was not properly served v a sue in the initial step of the case. That is worth noting that the instance did not seem to impact Powell’s marriage much.

Clifton Powell Movies

Alphabet City (1984)Colors (uncredited) (1988)House Party (1990)Deep Cover (1992)3 Ninjas (1992)Conflict of interest (1993)Menace II Society (1993)Dead Presidents (1995)Phantoms (1998)Deep Rising (1998)Caught Up (1998)Why perform Fools fall in Love (1998)Rush Hour (1998)The Pentagon Wars (1998)Selma, Lord, Selma (1999)Safe House (1999)The Breaks (1999)Foolish (1999)No Tomorrow (1999)

Clifton Powell 2000s

Next Friday (2000)Hot Boyz (2000)Lockdown (2000)The Brothers (2001)Bones (2001)Civil Brand (2002)Ticker (2002)Friday after ~ Next (2002)Banged Out (2002)Play’d: A i know well Hop Story (2002)Crime Partners (2003)Love Chronicles (2003)Never dice Alone (2004)Woman Thou art Loosed (2004)Ray (2004)Sugar Valentine (2004)Da Block Party (2004)The Gospel (2005)Who made the Potato Salad? (2006)Norbit (2007)First Sunday (2008)Street Kings (2008)Love because that Sale (2008)Before I me Destruct (2009)Five.K.One (2009)Preacher’s Kid (2009)Just an additional Day (2009)Something like a Business (2010)Street monarchs 2: motor City (2011)35 and Ticking (2011)Blood Ransom (2014)Hunting Season (2016)All Eyez top top Me (2017)Misguided Behavior (2017)

Clifton Powell TV Shows

In the heat of the Night (1993)Murder She Wrote (1993–1995)South Central (1994)Roc (1992–1994)The Jamie Foxx Show (1997) Episode: The Employee formerly Known as PrinceIn the House (1998) Episode: working Overtime: component 2

Clifton Powell 2000s

The Parkers (2000) Episode: “A straightforward Plan-Mr. AlexanderThe Practice (2002)Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2003)House (2005)Eve (2006)CSI: Crime Scene investigation (2006)Numb3rs (2007)Cold Case (2008)Army Wives (2009–2010)The Boondocks (2010) Episode: “A date with the prey Warrior”The Mentalist (2011)Awake (2012) Episode: “Guilty”Unsupervised (2012)Black Dynamite (2012)The soul Man (2015) Episode: “Tell It prefer It Isn’t”Saints & Sinners (2016–present)Tales (2017)Black Lightning (TV Series) (2018)Dogstar: High college 2 (2018)Hawaii Five-O (2018)‘The family Busines

Frequently request Questions around Clifton Powell

Who is Clifton Powell?

Clifton Powell is an acclaimed American Actor and also Comedian. The is widely known for his duties on the biographical movie ‘Ray’ together Jeff Brown, top top the activity adventure game ‘Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas’ portraying huge Smoke and on the comedy television collection ‘The critical O.G’ as huge Mike.

How old is Clifton Powell?

Powell is 64 years old as of 2020, he to be born on 16 in march 1956 in Washington, D.C., United says of America. His birth authorize is Pisces.

How tall is Clifton Powell?

Clifton stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inch (1.72 meters).

Is Clifton Powell married?

Yes, he is married to Kimberly Powell. The couple is blessed with two adorable children, a daughter, named might Powell and a son, named Clifton Powell Jr., who is a basketball player.

How lot is Clifton Powell worth?

Clifton has an estimated net worth of $500 thousands dollars as of 2020. This contains his assets, money and income. His primary source of income is his career as a Actor and Comedian.

Where does Clifton live?

He is a residents of Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we shall upload pictures of his home as shortly as we have actually them.

Is Clifton dead or alive?

He is alive and in good health. There have actually been no reports the him gift sick or having any type of health-related issues.

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