Each block is the identical of one meter. Given that there is 1000 meters in 1 kilometers, girlfriend would have actually to develop a track that spans 1000 blocks in one direction.

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1 kilometres is 1000 minecraft blocks. I tried producing a circular track, like so:


However this did no work, together the achievement states you need to travel 1000 blocks from your starting point. So, the only reasonably viable technique to the achievement would be this:


If you"re doing it in creative, it"s quite easy - take it me about 15 minutes to build the rail, and 2-3 minutes to ride it. If you"re doing the in survival, I"d recommend the complying with tips:

Find an abandoned mine shaft, and also take every single track you can find. This is a lot better than using valuable iron for minecart tracks.If you crafted all 1000 tracks from scratch, you"d be using 375 stole ingots.1000 monitor is equivalent to fifteen complete stacks, to add a little more.
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The Shattered shaft in brand-new World by Timmy Jim♦
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