1. Interview the user and back up data 2. Examine the system and make your best guess 3.Test your theory 4. Plan your solution and then fix the problem 5. Verify the fix and take preventive action 6. Document what happened

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What method can you use to test memory on a Windows XP system by using the Memory Diagnostics tool without having to install Windows 7 or Vista on the system?
You can use the DVD booting, select Repair your computer, and select Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
What is the command to use the System File Checker to immediately verify system files? To verify system files on the next restart?
How can you eliminate the possibility that an application error is caused by another application or service running in the background?
How does Windows know which application to use to open a file when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer?
The file association between a data a file and an application is determined by the file extension. A program associated with a file extension is called its default program.
Which Windows tool can you use to install the drivers needed so that a user can open a data file using an application that is normally not used with the file?
Which two tools might a software developer or system administrator use to register a component of an application in the Windows registry?
If an application works when the system is loaded in Safe Mode, but does not work when Windows is loaded normally, what can you assume?
If the application works in Safe Mode, then can assume the problem is not with the application, but with the operating system, device driver, or other applications that load at startup which are conflicting with the application.
When an application written for Windows XP does not work in Windows 7, which tool should you attempt to use first to solve the problem, Compatibility Mode or XP Mode? Why?


Introduction to Algorithms3rd EditionCharles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, Thomas H. Cormen


MyProgrammingLab with Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for The Practice of Computing using Python2nd EditionRichard Enbody, William F Punch

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