A 30-degree angle is an acute angle. An edge is created when two lines accomplish or intersect at a point. One acute edge is one in i beg your pardon the measure up of the angle is much less than 90 degrees. As soon as a 60-degree angle is bisected we gain two angles, every measuring 30 degrees. Let united state learn about a 30-degree angle, the actions for construction, and some real-life instances of 30 degrees.

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1.What is a 30-Degree Angle?
2.Constructing 30-Degree Angle utilizing Protractor
3.Construction of 30-Degree Angle using a Compass
4.30-Degree angles in actual Life
5.FAQs ~ above 30-Degree Angle

What is a 30-Degree Angle?

An angle is formed when two rays satisfy at a point. In the offered figure, the allude of intersection that the ray OA and also ray OB is O, i beg your pardon is called the vertex.


If the measure up of the angle formed by two rays is 30 degrees, climate the angle is referred to as a 30-degree angle. The angle developed by the beam OA and also OB is composed as ∠AOB or ∠BOA.∠AOB=∠BOA=30°.

Constructing 30-Degree Angle utilizing Protractor

In this section, allow us discover how to build a 30-degree angle v the assist of a protractor. Follow the offered steps:

Step 1: Draw a line segment OA.

Step 2: Place the facility tip the the protractor at suggest O such the the protractor perfect aligns with line AO.


Step 3: Start from 'A' top top the protractor in the clockwise direction and stop in ~ 30. Mark it as suggest 'D'. If point 'A' lies come the right of 'O', then start measuring anticlockwise and also stop at 30.


Step 4: Join allude 'D' with 'O'. ∠AOD=30° is the compelled 30 degree angle.

Construction of 30 levels Using Compass

An edge of 30 degrees can additionally be built using a compass. Currently let united state see exactly how to build a 30-degree angle making use of a compass, ruler, and also a pencil. Monitor the steps provided below:

With C together the center and without any change in the radius, attract an arc that cut the semicircular arc at suggest D.With C and D together the center, attract two arcs that intersect each other and label it as E.Join the points A and also E. Here, ∠EAB = 30°.

The construction of the angle of 30° using a compass is displayed below.


30-Degree angle in genuine Life

The 30-degree angle have the right to be watched in many objects roughly us. The hands of one analog clock in ~ 1:00 forms an edge of 30 degrees.


A pizza when cut into 12 slices, periodically makes a 30-degree angle. Sometimes, the scissors we use to cut document and towel make a 30-degree angle. Have you ever gone because that a bicycle ride through your friends and also observed the the roads are diverging at part angles. Those angles can be 30-degree angles.

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How numerous 30-degree angles are there in a

a) directly angleb) complete angle

Important notes

Here room a couple of important notes around the 30-degree angle.

π radians = 180°.30° in radians is π/6.

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30 level Angle Examples

Example 1: In the △ABC, usage a protractor to measure up ∠CAB.


Place the protractor's baseline along with line abdominal and the facility of the protractor at vertex A. Observe the analysis in the protractor which overlaps with line AC. It makes a 30-degree angle.


Therefore, ∠CAB=30°.

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FAQs ~ above 30 level Angle

What kind of edge is 30 level Angle?

A 30-degree angle is an acute angle because it is much less than 90 degrees.

How do you attract a 30-degree Angle with a Protractor?

To attract a 30-degree angle making use of the protractor, follow this steps:

Step 1: Draw a heat segment OA.Step 2: Place the center tip the the protractor at suggest A such the the protractor perfect aligns with line AO.Step 3: Start from 0 on the protractor in the clockwise direction and also stop in ~ 30. Mark the allude D.Step 4: Join suggest D with A. ∠DAO=30° is the required angle.

How countless 30-Degree angles does it require to Make a complete Turn?

A complete turn is 360°. Because 30 ×12 = 360, therefore, there are twelve 30-degree angles in a full turn.

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How plenty of 30 degree Angles are there in a straight Angle and Complete Angle?

In a straight angle which is 180°, there room six 30° angles. This is calculation by splitting 180° by 30°. Similarly, in a finish angle, there space twelve 30° angles. This is calculated by dividing 360° by 30°.