Volkswagen’s distinct editions on the fourth generation Golf to be confusing because that a bit. Once again in 2001, a succinct GTi was launched that – of course – wasn’t comes to the joined States. However of every one of the unique editions the weren’t offered here, maybe this one made the most sense to be excluded. That was dubbed the 25th Anniversary Edition and also you didn’t must be great at math to realize that there was no GTi sold below 25 years prior to 2001. Since the “18 year Anniversary Edition” didn’t make much sense native a marketing view even in spite of Volkswagen’s consistent spotty judgement in that regard, it to be no surprise that it wasn’t offered. The was also bad, together it had a lower suspension, far better brakes, a bit more power, great Recaro seats and also the ideal looking BBS wheels fit to any kind of Volkswagen, ever. Volkswagen enthusiasts in America drool inwardly and shouted openly, so in 2002 Volkswagen finally did bring the unique edition here. Again, because “19th Anniversary” didn’t make any sense, us instead gained the “337” Edition. This was, for all intents and also purposes, specific copy of the 25th Anniversary model, yet instead the 337 referenced the inner project code for the original GTi. However they were fairly limited, with only 1,250 marketed in the U.S. And 250 offered in Canada. So, you more than likely missed the end on your opportunity to own one, right? Well, wrong, because in 2003 Volkswagen re-released the 337 edition. Conveniently, over there was now a ring number the they might actually commemorate the GTi’s longevity with as it had actually been twenty years since the A1 GTi rolled the end of Westmoreland. Again, it was a best hits version of the GTi; the 337 upgraded 12.3 inch vented brakes v go-faster red calipers lugged over, together did the upgraded suspension. Though they sported various fabric, inside was the exact same Recaro internal with deep bolsters. The golf ball change knob also returned, though it currently was mated to a new 6-speed transmission (MQ350) which in turn were connected to R32 Aristo wheel in ar of the BBS RCs. Deeper front and rear valances suitable the previous 2 models, and the 20th AE acquired blacked headlights an ext similar to the 25th AE. A final homage to the original design were ethereal rabbits adorning the rear and vintage influenced GTi badging. But the biggest change was the the 20th AE was easily accessible in 3 colors unequal the silver-only former cars; black Magic Pearl, Jazz Blue and Imola Yellow:

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Year: 2003Model: GTi 20th Anniversary EditionEngine: 1.8 liter inline-4Transmission: 6-speed manualMileage: 152,000 miPrice: $8,500 Buy it Now


Year: 2003Make: VolkswagenModel: 20th Anniversary GTIMileage: 152000Title: CleanExt.

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Color: Imola YellowInt. Color: Black$8,500.00 OBO