Georgia is a spectacular state with numerous contrasts and also so worthy the a classic American road trip. A mix of tradition and modernity renders it an appealing destination. You’ll loss in love v the cool old mansions, herbal beauty, and also urban flair the Atlanta, not to cite the huge moss-draped tree in Savannah. If you’re visiting Atlanta, driving south to visit a few scenic spots have the right to be worthwhile. We’ve gathered some of the best sights to view on a 250-mileroad pilgrimage from Atlanta come Savannah.

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Atlanta come Savannah Roadtrip

Driving Time: 3 hours and 45 minutesDistance: 250 miles

Whatto watch in Atlanta

The world’s biggest aquariumis located inAtlanta, containing more than 100,000 aquatic creatures in 10 million gallons that salt and also freshwater. While its size seems overwhelming, the aquarium is partitioned into various themes to do it more focused and educational. If history is your thing, theMartin Luther King Jr. National historical Parkfeatures his birthplace residence alongside the grave of this renowned civil legal rights leader. The park complicated also has the originalEbeneezerBaptist Churchwhere he and his father were preachers.

The world’s largest aquarium in Atlanta.

Part 1: Atlantato Macon

Driving southern along interstate 75, you can take a short journey turn off the freeway toPiedmont national Wildlife Refugeif you must stretch her legs. The park is full of protected birds, and also a variety of wildlife. The multiple long trails will conveniently lead you through the park. Onceyou reachMacon, there are a few museums worth her while. Symbols of southern music, The Allman brother Band, are the emphasis of one eponymous museum. TheTubman Museum, named for Underground rail leader Harriet Tubman, attributes exhibits on African-American history, art and culture. Lastly, once you drive through Macon you’ll see historic, stately residences like the Johnston-Felton-Hay House and the Cannonball House.

The standard moss-draped trees of Savannah

Part 2: Maconto Savannah

The drive from Macon come Savannah on I-16 E takes around 2.5 hours. As soon as there, perhaps you’re wonder what there is to see and do in the coastal city of Savannah. Drive your rent a car through the Savannah historic District come seeallthe charming houses and also moss-draped tree the city is well-known for. After, park close to Bull Street for some boutique shopping. Enjoy the shady trees and also paths in Forsyth Park together an escape indigenous the warm temperatures. No matter what your interests, Savannah has the ideal of southerly architecture and also charm.

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A see of the Atlantic ocean from Tybee Island

Part 3: earlier to Atlanta via the Beach

If you are not in a hurry to drive back to Atlanta, take advantage of being so close come the ocean by going to Tybee Island just off the coastline east that Savannah. The barrier island has large sandy beaches, with southern Beach attracting sunbathers and also North Beach having a historic fort and also lighthouse. Find some shade, take a nap, and also eat some seafood come refuel because that the4-hourdrive ago to Atlanta.

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