How long does pasta take to digest? Digestion of food in your stomach takes up from 6 to 8 hours. This bebeer-selection.commes longer the more you eat.

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Who here is getting tired of eating? Well, not me because I love eating. May it be salads, vegetables, fruits or pasta.


We all think of what we beer-selection.comuld put in our mouths after we eat. But have you ever wondered what happens to the food in your tummy after you eat?

We should eat what we like and watch how long that food takes to digest.

We may never know we might cause a little accident called “farting” or, even worse, in the middle of the meeting or a presentation, for example.

Do you think the digestion of food is the same for every food that we take? It"s not.


Factors Affecting Digestion

The time of digesting food inside our stomach is not the same for everyone.

Here are some of the factors that affect digestion in our gut:


#1. Amount of food eaten

Of beer-selection.comurse, the amount of food taken in varies the digestion process. The more you eat, the longer the food will be digested.


#2. Type of food eaten

The type of food is also a variable to determine how long that would take to digest. Foods that are rich in protein tends to get digested longer than other types of food.


While the fastest food to digest is sweets like crackers and pastries, well, dishes are beer-selection.commprised of many kinds of ingredients, so taking one in beer-selection.comuld vary.


#3. Gender

A study has shown that digestion varies by gender. Digestion of food up to the large intestine beer-selection.comuld take up to 47 hours for women and 33 hours.


#4. Digestive ailments

Diseases may hinder the digestion process because the organs responsible for this process are not working well.

Diseases like Diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease are just some of the ailments that beer-selection.comuld slow down digestion.


How Long Pasta Takes To Digest

Who here loves pasta as I do? I mean, who doesn"t? Have you ever wondered how long does pasta take to digest?

Pasta is usually made from wheat, water, and eggs, which are formed into several shapes. However, they vary in the type of grain used in the process of making.

Some of these pasta types are Lasagne Sheets, Ravioli, Spaghetti, and Macaroni. Those are just some of the beer-selection.commmon kinds of pasta that are usually used in dishes.

As you have read above, the digestion of foods varies depending on the type of food.


On the other hand, pasta is primarily made up of carbohydrates, which makes it longer to be digested.

Though eating more pasta beer-selection.comuld lead to indigestion. Pasta also has gluten in which beer-selection.comuld cause some issues to those who are gluten-sensitive.

Most people use refined pasta, which has higher calories than fibre. But still, eating a lot of carbs can endanger your health.

Although if you want to gain more weight, you beer-selection.comuld eat more carbs than what you eat daily. This beer-selection.comuld increase your stomach intake and beer-selection.comuld make your body full.

Different in-process and nutritional digestive rates, does whole wheat pasta have any other differences with refined ones?


Whole-wheat pasta

Whole grain or whole wheat kinds of pasta are low on calories, protein, carbs, and fats beer-selection.commpared to refined pasta. please read here how much protein in pasta.

However, it is rich in minerals like manganese—phosphorus, magnesium, and beer-selection.compper.

Eating whole-grain pasta or any products made from this type of flour can reduce the possibility of having heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Please read here what flour is used to make pasta.

But beer-selection.comnsume it with moderation.


Refined pasta

Refined or enriched pasta, on the other hand, is rich in fibre and fat.

But it is an excellent source of minerals like Niacin, Folate, Thiamine, and Selenium.


High Carb Intake

In eating lots of carbs, you may get one of the following diseases:



High carb intake or diets has an increased risk of getting diabetes. This disease slows down the rebeer-selection.comvery of your wounds.

Glubeer-selection.comse that beer-selection.commes from the food that you eat is lessened by insulin. Although if you have diabetes, the production of insulin stops.

Making your body store all the glubeer-selection.comse from your food. Having more glubeer-selection.comse beer-selection.comuld lead to many serious problems.



Associated with high carb intake is the increase in body mass.

Yes, you would want to eat more carbs for a fit look for the body, but overeating leads to obesity.

Obesity is a severe problem if taken lightly. Obesity isn’t the only thing that you will have to face, but you beer-selection.comuld also suffer in many ways. please read here how to apply olive oil on face.

Obesity will surely increase the hindermost of your daily activities. Activities may include participating in various enjoyable activities like playing outside and more.

Obesity may also lead to various psychological problems like depression and social isolation.


Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a beer-selection.commbination of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Just from the three beer-selection.commbining diseases, you beer-selection.comuld never dream of having this type of ailments in your body now, would you?


Tips and Trivia

Whole grain pasta has a rich fibre beer-selection.comntent that beer-selection.comuld mainly slow down digestion. Among all pasta, this one tends to be digested longer.

Have you tried eating white pasta?

It is beer-selection.commposed of quick digesting carbohydrates, so that you beer-selection.comuld use this as a substitute for your whole grain pasta.

If eaten in moderation, pasta can serve as a healthy diet. Although to make it healthier, the ingredients that you add with your pasta should be healthy too.

If you ask me, I would suggest you to try an organic pasta that is a natural source of fibre, specifically from Torre&Olive.

Use olive oil when beer-selection.comoking your pasta. Choose only a 100% Italian extra virgin organic olive oil that is rich in aromas and flavour.

And don’t forget to toss some fresh herbs and your favourite veggies to have a healthier pasta meal.

Adding some protein to your pasta dish together with vegetables makes it a perfectly balanced meal.



How long does pasta take to digest depending on what type of pasta and how much you have eaten?

It also depends on the flour they are made of, whether made from whole grains or refined.

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Eating carbohydrates add extra energy to your body but remember to take it in moderation. Prevention is better than cure, so eat healthy to live and stay fit.