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I know it mainly depends ~ above a the majority of things. However let"s simply say the wind is calm and also there are no hills to walk up or down. About how rapid do girlfriend think you could finish 4 miles in?

My everyday commute is 4.7 miles, largely flat. That takes about 15 minute on my roadway bike, possibly 20 on mine rigid mtb. If i didn"t mind obtaining to job-related sweaty and also wore lycra rather of jeans it would be a little bit quicker.

I have actually a 4.25 mile loop about the home that I carry out to gauge fitness. It has one climb that takes probably 3 minutes, and also I manage it (on a real an excellent day) in simply under 13 minutes.

On mine TT/Tri bike? can I acquire off and throw up at the finish of the 4 miles? do I acquire a roll start?8-10 minutes
4 miles / 65mph = approx 3.7 mine F250 supervisor Duty, driving the speed limit on the highway....
To those in uniform, both present and past, that have safeguarded my freedoms, I give thanks to you. I"ve had a great life for this reason far.
4 mile / 24mph = 1/6 hours.
To those in uniform, both present and also past, who have safeguarded my freedoms, I thank you. I"ve had actually a good life for this reason far.
With people like Peter P. Around, i am excellent posting on this website. Mean world have thrust me turn off after 9 add to years. An excellent luck newbies beware.
I understand it mostly depends on a most things. However let"s just say the wind is calm and also there are no hills to go up or down. About how quick do you think you can finish 4 miles in?
Sorry, can"t help myself.Maybe it"s much shorter miles (like they use in Europe, i think they"re dubbed kilo-something), or maybe it"s much longer minutes. No idea whereby they usage those.

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•33.818 mph end 15.19 miles - fastest individual time attempt (Greg LeMond, 1989), Armstrong was simply a couple of ticks slow over double the distance in among his tourism wins.This would certainly be 7.09min. Due to the fact that it was for 15.19 it could be safe to guess: v a pro might go under 7 min for a 4 mile distance31.220 mph end 120.59 miles- fastest average over a level stage (Mario Cipollini indigenous Laval come Blois, 1999)this was practically a half a minute under 8 because that a 4 mile time because that 120 miles
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