The phibìc Star State is straightforward to reach, even if it is you’re flying, control or arriving by train. No matter just how you acquire here, we want your travel to be as smooth and also hassle-free together possible. Check out on for take trip information and tips, then examine out how to get roughly Minnesota as soon as you arrive.

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Minnesota is situated in the top Midwest, in the north main U.S. Along the Canadian border. The state is around 400 miles lengthy from top to bottom, and the width varies native 200 come 350 miles across. The state is divided into five regions. Minnesota boundaries Lake exceptional along the state’s northeastern edge, and also the Mississippi flow flows throughout lot of the state.

Getting below By Air

Touch under at one of nine passenger company airports and you’ll be within simple reach the adventure. Four Minnesota airports offer worldwide service.

All Minnesota Airports

See below for a perform of Minnesota airports across the state.


Delta plane on tarmak at MSP airplane / Emmanuel Canaan

MSP Airport

MSP international Airport is surrounding by Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburban urban of Bloomington, Eagan, Mendota Heights and also Richfield. As the 17th busiest U.S. Airport for passengers, MSP is home base for hometown carrier Sun nation Airlines and Delta air Lines" second largest hub.

The airport has received various accolades including awards because that safety, concessions and also airport design. Many recently, MSP was named the 2017 peak North American airport for efficiency excellence in the size classification by the waiting Transportation research Society.

Airport Hubs & Terminals

MSP has actually one airfield with four runways and two terminal structures (Terminal 1 & 2), each v adjoining parking ramp facilities. Travelers who should transfer from one terminal come the various other use the irradiate rail transit service. There is no pedestrian access between the buildings.

Terminal 1 / Lindbergh: Aer Lingus, air Canada, Air selection One, wait France, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Boutique Air, Delta waiting Lines, KLM royal Dutch Airlines, soul Airlines, unified AirlinesTerminal 2 / Humphrey: Condor, Frontier Airlines, Icelandair, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Sun nation AirlinesGround Transportation

MSP airplane offers many convenient, trusted transportation options.

Car Rental

Browse vehicle rental companies conveniently located at MSP and nearby.


Uptown Minnesota, MSP airplane / urban Airports Commission

points to perform at MSP Airport

If you discover yourself through some time to spare before your trip takes off, inspect out 10 means to check out MSP Airport. With shopping, dining, art, music, kid-friendly fun, a go path and also luxe means to unwind, you"re certain to do the most of your time here. 

Getting right here by Car

With significant interstate highways connecting adjacent states to Minnesota and key border town access points between Canada and also Minnesota, accessing the phibìc Star state is a breeze. Usage the information listed below to plot your road trip, and be sure to examine out the state"s scenic byways.


Major federal government highways: I-35, I-35E, I-35W, I-90, I-94Auxiliary interstate highways: I-335, I-394, I-494, I-535, I-694

Drive time & Mileage

 To MSPTo DuluthTo RochesterTo BemidjiTo St. Cloud
Fargo3.5 hrs 235 mi4.5 hrs 240 mi5.4 hrs 321 mi2.5 hrs 129 mi3 hrs 172 mi
Sioux Falls4 hrs 238 mi6 hrs 390 mi3.5 hrs 238 mi6 hrs 358 mi4 hrs 228 mi
Des Moines4 hrs 244 mi6 hrs 396 mi3 hrs 212 mi7 hrs 548 mi4.5 hrs 308 mi
Madison4.5 hrs 275 mi5 hrs 332 mi3 hrs 213 mi7.5 hrs 481mi5 hrs 337 mi
Green Bay5 hrs 305 mi5 hrs 331 mi4.5 hrs 267 mi7.5 hrs 480 mi5 hrs 343 mi
Milwaukee5.5 hrs 340 mi6 hrs 400 mi4 hrs 227 mi8.5 hrs 545 mi6 hrs 400 mi
Omaha6 hrs 374 mi3.5 hrs 530 mi5 hrs 345 mi8 hrs 535 mi6.5 hrs 277 mi
Chicago6.5 hrs 422 mi7 hrs 468 mi5.5 hrs 350 mi9.5 hrs 617 mi7 hrs 437 mi
Lincoln6.5 hrs 432 mi8.5 hrs 584 mi6 hrs 400 mi9 hrs 566 mi7 hrs 413 mi
Detroit11 hrs 690 mi11 hrs 750 mi9.5 hrs 630 mi14 hrs 904 mi11.5 hrs 750 mi
Kansas City7 hrs 540 mi8.5 hrs 588 mi6 hrs 404 mi10 hrs 651 mi7.5 hrs 501 mi
Indianapolis9 hrs 590 mi10 hrs 649 mi8 hrs 529 mi12.5 hrs 804 mi10 hrs 653 mi
Winnipeg7 hrs 763 mi7 hrs 378 mi8.5 hrs 542 mi4.5 hrs 232 mi6.5 hrs 392 mi
Denver13.5 hrs 914 mi15.5 hrs 1066 mi13 hrs 882 mi15 hrs 964 mi14 hrs 768 mi

Minnesota/Canada Border Crossings

discover Road Trips & Scenic Byways

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