Currently studying abroad and found this delicious goat cheese the was sheathe in rosemary in Monserrat, Spain. I even got two because it was so delicious. I don’t leave below until mid April however wanted to mail my friend part cheese when I’m ago in the States... I gained it a week ago and have been keeping it at room temp, yet should I move it to the fridge and keep the there till I leave in April?

The merchant said it would certainly last 4 month or even christmas at the latest.. Just wondering if everyone knew if I would be okay to save it and also bring it ago in my suitcase.

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Also: the goat cheese isn’t standard texture the goat cheese, it’s harder nearly like chedder(maybe a tiny softer) however melts into your mouth

thanks therefore much! just wondering the best way to save it and make it last so i can bring it home

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Provided that there aren't any kind of mold spores within the vacuum packaging, it will certainly last a great long time. That course, containing live societies and energetic enzymes, the cheese will continue to age, however this is nearly never a negative thing, taste-wise.

After all, cheese is usually aged in a cheese cavern for months to years, and commercial cheese isn't substantially different than homemade (or artisan-made) cheese, other than that cleanliness methods are probably more strictly followed.

The ideal aging temperature for cheese is between 50º and also 60º F (10º and also 15.5º C). Room temperature is over this, and also will speed up the aging process. Refrigerator temperature is below this, and will slow down the aging process.

My advice: refrigerate it, and also you'll most likely be fine to letter it come a friend when returning to the States.

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How confident am ns in this? I currently have 4 commercially vacuum-packaged goat cheese aging in my "cheese cave" (unheated utility room) and I plan to period them number of months, together my homemade cheeses, which space either packed in wax, or vacuum sealed. So yep, nice confident. Walk for it, and also hook your human being up through tasty cheese! The extra aging is a benefit!

Edit: every the ingredients space pretty lot the very same as in cheeses ns make and consume, with the exception of lysozyme (lisozima in Spanish on your label), i m sorry is anti-bacterial, and used to stop butyric "late blow effect" in cheese. Butyric mountain in modest amounts accounts because that the piquant flavor in feta and also sharp provolone, yet in overfill smells rancid, or prefer "baby vomit." friend wouldn't desire a surplus of this in already-piquant goat cheese, so this seems a wise inclusion, though one not regularly seen in the States, perhaps because goat cheeses other than chevre or "goat version of present cheese types" aren't widespread. Probably too lot information. In any kind of case, I'd say it tho sounds great to keep your cheese refrigerated, and also share once you go back to the States.