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Hello all i was wondering exactly how long mine elk will certainly last frozen? it is wrapped v a clean plastic top top a foam tray then wrapped again with butcher paper. How long is the freezer life on this meat. I have been called 6 months and also 1 year which one is it say thanks to you all

Buy you yourself a vacuum sealer and it will certainly last over a year. They way it is now you will probably start see freezer burn and also other issues after 6 months, probably even prior to that. A Food Saver Vacuum Sealer will be money well spent.
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Wrapped in butcher document you will start to view freezer burn in 4-6 month on the packages ar towards the bottom of the freezer. The greater place packages will certainly last longer as result of the slightly warmer wait in the freezer. I recognize this indigenous a difficult lesson.A Food Saver vaccum sealer is appropriate for all long term freezer storage.

Still have actually 2 year old moose steaks and burger in the freezer the taste as an excellent as the day ns shot it. That is twin wrapped in butcher paper, no freezer burn.
I personally use a Vacuum Sealer yet if you wrap it chop in Saran Wrap and also then in Butcher wrap it will last a lot much longer than right Butcher Paper.

I found a parcel of 3 year old elk burger in the back of the freezer a couple months ago. It was packaged in a freezer ziplock bag, and was tho the same color and also flavor as all the others had actually been.
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Should be good for a pair years if its packed right.... Never ever lasts that lengthy in my freezer so:noidea:
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I agree with others on this a food saver is the means to go leaving it wrapped then seal it because that freshness Coscto has the brand-new Stand up model out it functions great.
Wrapped in Saran and also then butcher paper, I"ve had meat native elk, moose, caribou, fish last 3 years. Foodsaver about the same.
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always double wrap with freazer paper...that stuff is method cheeper then her elk meat... Vacumn load / seal a meal is a plus but not needed...depends on how much you have and how quick you go v it:set1_pot::nod::hungry::hungry::hungry:
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Part of it counts on your freezer. Self-defrosting freezers don"t organize product almost as well as the manual defrost models.The self-defrosting models warm up the coils everyday to defrost the ice cream on them; this additionally has a warming impact on anything inside the freezer hence shortening the shelf life. Manual defrost units never go ~ above a defrost bicycle so your shelf life is much longer.The ratio is choose 3 year vs 1 year, relying on how well your meat is packaged.
Don"t know. My freezer is packed to the gills in elk and also mule deer (I"m no the only one that killed elk...for a change). It never ever lasts an extremely long before we run out. The elk Italian sausage us ground this year is really good!! for this reason is the the mule deer breakfast sausage. Us outdone ourselves.
My butcher said me he vaccuum sealed some elk steaks and left castle in his freezer for 5 years and also when that tried them...they to be still good!
I"ve always thought about buying among those vacuum contraptions..Still making use of a an excellent ol" dual lock freezer bag and also submerged it in water to all the waiting is out.. Been working great thus far...I guess it"s the poor mans version of the vacuum sealer..:smile:
I have mistakenly "lost" part elk in the freezer and also found that 7 year later. Is vacuum bagged through a Foodsaver and also was still edible v only very minimal burn that could be reduced off.

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Buy yourself a vacuum sealer and it will certainly last over a year. They means it is currently you will more than likely start seeing freezer burn and other worries after 6 months, probably even before that. A Food Saver Vacuum Sealer will be money fine spent.
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2 years is the max most of the time but if yes sir no freezer burn it might last also longer. Ns personally don"t ever have meat last longer than 1 year
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