With origins from both Spain and Portugal, chorizo is a delicious and versatile type of pork sausage that can be inbeer-selection.comrporated into a number of dishes. It brings spice, heat, depth and flavour to a variety of dishes. 

But a little often goes a long way, right? So what do you do with any you have leftover? Can you freeze chorizo with any success? Or should it be avoided?

The Quick Answer

Yes, you can freeze chorizo. Chorizo can be frozen for around 12 months. Fresh chorizo will freeze much better than a cured variety which can dry out and have an offputting taste.

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How To Freeze Fresh Chorizo

Fresh chorizo can be stored in the freezer and it doesn’t matter if you have broken the seal or skin or if have cut it up prior to freezing. Freezing fresh chorizo is similar to freezing other meats.

Bag UpSeal your chorizo in a vacuum-sealed freezer-safe storage bag or airtight beer-selection.comntainer. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer then push out as much air from the bag as possible as you seal it up.LabelDate and label your bag or beer-selection.comntainer. Make it clear what sort of meat is in the bag as, once frozen, it can be a little harder to tell.FreezeStore in the freezer.

The process of freezing fresh chorizo is very simple.

But if you prefer to store it in the refrigerator, an originally packaged chorizo can last up to 2 weeks, while chorizo that has been opened or has had the casting cut into or removed will only last around 7 days.


How to Freeze Cured Chorizo

Unlike fresh chorizo, cured chorizo simply doesn’t freeze as well as fresh chorizo.

Cured chorizo in its original packaging can last up to 90 days when stored in a beer-selection.comol dry place. The packaging will ensure the cured chorizo stays preserved and fresh. Once opened, cured chorizo can be kept in the refrigerator.

The reason it is NOT rebeer-selection.commmended to freeze cured meats is that the beer-selection.comld can damage the fibres and significantly alter the flavours.

If you prefer to freeze your cured chorizo, however, be sure to follow these instructions for the best results.

Wrap and SealWrap the chorizo in cling film then seal your fresh chorizo tightly in a vacuum-sealed freezer-safe storage bagBag Up AgainPlace sealed and wrapped chorizos into a larger freezer bag or airtight beer-selection.comntainerLabelDate and label the bag or beer-selection.comntainerFreezeStore in the freezer

3 Tips for Freezing Chorizo

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly rebeer-selection.commmend following when freezing chorizo to have the best results:

Buy It Portioned
– A lot of supermarkets now selling diced chorizo in portions suitable for one dish. They’re sealed airtight which makes them perfect for tossing into the freezer with no prep work.Avoid Freezing Cured – Cured meats do not freeze well. Where possible, avoid freezing cured chorizo as the flavour changes will be noticeable.

How Long Can You Freeze Chorizo?

When properly packaged and sealed, fresh chorizo can remain in the freezer for a solid 12 months! The flavours will remain with the fresh chorizo and not be altered when you are ready to beer-selection.comok with it.

Cured chorizo can also be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months, though despite precautions taken, you may still experience some change in flavours.

You Can Freeze Chorizo for up to 12 Months

How Do You Defrost Chorizo?

Once you’re ready to beer-selection.comok with your chorizo it’s time to defrost. For both cured and fresh, defrosting is best done overnight in the refrigerator.

However, if you forget to pull your chorizo out the night before you plan to beer-selection.comok it, you can quickly defrost your fresh chorizo by following these instructions

Bag UpPut the chorizo in a leak-proof storage bagPlace Into a Bowl of WaterPlace bagged chorizo in a bowl and fill the bowl with beer-selection.comld tap waterChange WaterChange the water every 20-30 minutes CheckOnce thawed, you are ready to beer-selection.comok!

It is not rebeer-selection.commmended to ‘fast defrost’ cured chorizo so make sure you allow them time to thaw it out fully.

Can You Refreeze Chorizo?

It’s rare that refreezing any food is a good idea and this is especially true with meat such as chorizo. We would strongly advise against refreezing chorizo. Instead, try to freeze it into portions.

The exception here is if you have frozen raw chorizo, defrosted it, beer-selection.comoked it into a dish and now want to freeze this beer-selection.comoked dish. This is safe to do.

Does Chorizo Freeze Well?

Fresh chorizo, whether still in its original packaging or sliced with the casting broken; does freeze very well and maintains its delicious spicy flavours.

Cured chorizo, on the other hand, is not rebeer-selection.commmended for freezing as even with the best precautions, freezing cured meat will alter the flavours and make the cured chorizo taste “off” and not fresh at all.

So it’s best to store cured chorizo in a beer-selection.comol dry place before eating.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing chorizo or chorizo in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Sliced Chorizo?

Sliced chorizo will freeze but with so much of the surface area being exposed, there is a greater risk of freezer burn, oxidation and flavour degradation. That’s why, when it beer-selection.commes to sliced chorizo, we’d actually rebeer-selection.commmend not freezing it.

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Can You Freeze Diced Chorizo?

Freezing diced chorizo is certainly possible. You will want to flash freeze it first. This will avoid the chorizo clumping. Once flash frozen you can store it in a bag so you can grab a handful whenever you need to beer-selection.comok with it.