A decadent and also delicious choice for dessert, dark coco mousse is so simple to make v only four ingredients. It"s irradiate in texture and also tastes chocolate-y without being overwhelming. This recipe includes a topping of luxury mascarpone whipped cream that"s too great to resist.


What is cacao Mousse do Of?

The ingredients in dark chocolate mousse are dark chocolate, whipped cream, egg whites and also sugar. If friend really want to simplify, mix melted chocolate and whipped cream will offer you a quick cacao cream!

What kind of chocolate is provided For Mousse?

This recipe offers 70% cacao dark chocolate, however you can make a chocolate mousse native milk or white coco as well, or a darker cacao for an even richer smell (think 80%+ cacao). Girlfriend don"t have to use baking chocolate or any specific brand, however you will find some ranges of cacao melt far better and incorporate through the cream more smoothly. Cacao chip packs intended for cookies normally aren"t a good kind to use. It"s a case of trial and error to find the perfect coco for the mousse!

How do You Preserve chocolate Mousse?

To keep cacao mousse, that will must be kept cold in the fridge. Cover your mousse v plastic wrap and also keep in the fridge until prepared to eat.

Does cacao Mousse need to Be Refrigerated?

Yes - it"s a dessert that"s supposed to be enjoyed cold. Maintaining it in the fridge helps to keep the light, fluffy structure of the mousse.

How lengthy Does Mousse take it to set in the Fridge?

At the bare minimum, it"s an excellent to leave your mousse for at least an hour to collection before serving. If you can leave that longer, also overnight, then that"s also better.

How long Will coco Mousse critical in the Fridge?

Chocolate mousse will store in the fridge for 4-5 days. If it"s no all eaten up by then!

Can ns Re-Whip chocolate Mousse?

You can try, yet the structure will change and will certainly not it is in the exact same as the fresh made mousse. Mousse is light and fluffy due to the air incorporated into the mix once whipped. Re-whipping already whipped mousse may an outcome in an ext of a coco icing mixture.

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Can ns Freeze cacao Mousse?

You can absolutely freeze cacao mousse, and it will certainly last in the freezer for approximately 2 months. Once ready to use again, carry out not attempt to heat it in any kind of way. Move to the fridge and also let that thaw in the fridge until you can spoon it out to serve.

How carry out You Thicken chocolate Mousse?

While normally light and airy, there are means to thicken a cacao mousse if friend would like a an ext indulgent texture. Girlfriend will need to add a thickening agent like cornstarch or egg yolks, however be warned the it is very challenging to add just the appropriate amount to thicken her mousse and not revolve it into cacao pudding. Tread lightly as soon as thickening! shot adding a small amount the cornstarch to part water, and include to the mousse little bit by bit and see just how that help thicken the texture. Alternatively, whisk part egg yolks in a different bowl over low heat until they increase in volume and also fold that gradually into the mousse mixture.

What Consistency need to Mousse Be?

A great mousse consistency has been got to if you can turn your container that mousse upside down and also it doesn"t move. Also look because that tiny waiting bubbles when stirring your mousse.

Why is My cacao Mousse Grainy?

Chocolate is a fickle mistress. It turns grainy if it has cooled too much, and also when the is integrated with the egg whites and also cold cream, that hardens and also becomes grainy in texture. Temperature regulate is an essential with mousse. Make sure to allow your cacao cool slowly by incorporate your cold ingredients (cream and also egg whites) a small at a time to stop grainy-ness.

How carry out You deal with Over-Whipped Mousse?

If you"ve over-whipped her mousse, rescue the by adding in a tablespoon of new cream and slowly incorporate. You may need a couple of tablespoons, so add one by one till the mousse is the right texture. Note that this will certainly only work if your whipped cream has actually not gone so far as to turn into lumps that butter. If the happens, it"s too late to rescue!

Is it for sure to Eat coco Mousse v Raw Eggs?

It is for sure to eat raw eggs in your mousse as lengthy as you exercise diligent food hygiene. Constantly use fresh eggs, keep your hands and workspace clean, and wash any surface that the raw egg touch to prevent any type of cross- contamination or bacteria lingering on counter space.

What can I do With Extra Egg Yolks?

The prize - plenty! examine out this recipes for great ways to make use of your egg yolks.

How to make Dark cacao Mousse

These space the ingredient you will must make dark coco mousse. The chocolate is the star, so pick a an excellent quality one for best results.


Start by placing a medium to huge bowl in the freezer. You will need this later!

Roughly chop the chocolate and heat it in a large bowl over a bain marie. A bain marie is a pan filled through boiling water into which you location your key of chocolate. This method allows it to melt progressively without burning.

Stir the chocolate until it"s completely melted. Then eliminate from the heat and set aside.


Take the bowl the end of the freezer. Pour in your hefty cream and also whisk it v a hand mixer until soft peaks form. It might take part time and arm initiative (you have the right to use an electric whisker but it is fun to do by hand!) once you watch the soft peaks, set the whipped cream aside for later.


In an additional bowl, win the egg whites with a hand mixer till they walk white in shade and type soft peaks. Next, gradually add in the sugar and whip the mixture until it feeling firm.


Now, making use of a whisk, gently wrinkles the egg whites into the melted chocolate. As soon as they are almost fully incorporated, wrinkles in the whipped cream.


Cover and refrigerate the mousse mixture for at least 1 hour prior to serving.

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How to make Mascarpone Whipped Cream

In a large bowl, beat the mascarpone cheese, cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla with a hand mixer come soft peaks.


Serve the coco mousse through a dollop that the mascarpone whipped cream and shave chocolate on peak as a garnish. Delicious!


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