Easy warm premium grade timber fuel pellets may be tiny in size, however like numerous biomass energy products, can develop a big number that questions. V our experience taking care of customers and also other biomass industry experts, we have actually gathered some frequently Asked concerns (FAQs) that we room happy to provide in the room below. These concerns pertain come a wide variety of topics consisting of Easy warmth products and also availability, and general knowledge.

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Q: Where have the right to I find Easy warm premium grade timber fuel pellets?

A: We space continually broadening our network of authorized Easy heat dealers. Click right here to discover a retail ar nearest come you.

Q: perform you harvest tree to make your lumber pellets?

A: No we carry out not. 100% of our 100% premium grade hardwood pellets come from lumber industry byproducts (solid wood portions leftover native processing).

Q: What is the BTU difference in between wood pellets and firewood or hardwood chips?

A: hardwood pellets burn in ~ 350,000 BTUs per cubic foot while firewood and also wood chips commonly burn in ~ 70,000 to 90,000 BTUs every cubic foot.

Q: What is biomass energy?

A: simply put, biomass power is energy acquired from living or once-living organisms. Due to the fact that the wood we usage to make our pellets to be once part of a living tree, ours product is thought about to it is in a biomass fuel source.

Q: What is the bulk density of her pellets?

A: The mass density of ours pellets is about 40lbs. Every cubic foot or 50 cubic feet per ton.

Q: can I burn timber pellets in a conventional woodstove?

A: hardwood pellets are not intended to be provided in a conventional woodstove, and will not supply the same level that performance and also efficiency together they perform when offered in a proper pellet stove.

Q. How does the cost of wood pellet warmth compare to gas and also electric heat?

A. When compared to other warm sources, the price of timber pellet heat is really competitive, and has continued to be more consistent over time. Because biomass power is renewable, price fluctuations common with fossil fuels brought about by it is provided shortages is not an issue.

Q: Why have to I pay much more for premium pellets end cheaper pellets? Is there really a difference?

A: yes! While they may cost more initially, premium grade hardwood pellets produce more heat per ton, for this reason you finish up using less overall and your ton lasts lot longer. Using less also way less hauling, loading, storing, and clean up. Once you burn less, there is less stress ~ above your furnace which lowers your continuous maintenance costs. And finally, burn less method fewer emissions right into our atmosphere.

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Q: just how long walk one bag of pellets last?

A: follow to the Pellet fuels Institute, a 40-lb bag the pellet fuel can administer up come 24 hours of heavy heat. A winter’s supply of timber pellets is about 100-150 bags—depending ~ above climatic and also lifestyle variations.

Q: Where have the right to I find out much more information around the taxation Credit for acquisition of Biomass Stoves?

A: much more information can be uncovered at http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=tax_credits.tx_index