Best answer: Shipping for most whatever is being delayed through the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of this delay, Vans approximates five come seven company days for arrival.

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Shipping choice

While the COVID-19 pandemic is affect shipping just around everywhere, Vans is still offering totally free shipping in a reasonably short period. What supplied to be three-day shipping is now five to seven company days. That is still pretty quick all points considered, and also you can even gain yours more quickly. Mine only took 4 days.

Right now, Vans isn"t supplying expedited shipping. In the past, lock have detailed two-day and also overnight shipping, yet neither that those choices is realistic in ~ the moment.

Why not gain them native Amazon?

There space several factors not to go through Amazon to get Vans. An initial of all, Amazon is enduring shipping delays too. Ideal now, Amazon is prioritizing healthcare-related items, PPE, and other essentials over whatever else. What would typically ship cost-free in one or two days have the right to now take upwards the a mainly to present up.

On optimal of that, they can be method more expensive. The checkerboard slip-ons that ns adore are available on Amazon, however they are also twin the price, or more, depending upon what size you need. I looked at multiple pairs of Vans ~ above Amazon, yet the just ones Amazon appeared to have actually a consistent stock in to be the outlying sizes. Amazon will connect you to other sellers because that sizes it doesn"t have in stock, yet some of those other sellers space charging girlfriend $130 for a pair of pair of shoes Vans only sells for $50.

Vans additionally has a much more comprehensive range that products. The Checkerboard Slip-Ons room on Amazon, yet most the the various other awesome proud designs aren"t on Amazon in ~ all. Basically, it"s much easier and cheaper to obtain what you want once you want it from Vans directly.

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Slip-on beauty

Checkerboard Slip-On

Famous because that the checkerboard design, Vans has upped the game with this rainbow-infused shoe. You"ll love the design, plus the padded collars and also signature waffle soles. Even better, this style is available for every dimension foot, from toddlers come adults.