Do you love mexico cuisine? If girlfriend do, then you are probably familiar with tamales, a savory, starchy, doughy, corn-based food that’s to be steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. This quintessential Mesoamerican dish is commonly filled with cheese, meats, fruits, veggies, also chilies.

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Tamales are so famous in Mexican culture that prepare it is a routine itself. Tamale making has actually been a huge part of mexico life and this goes every the means to the pre-Hispanic era.

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And speaking of tamale making, do this food takes hrs that it’ll it is in impractical to do a little batch. In fact, that quite typical for a household to do a substantial batch, save the rest for future gatherings. But can you frozen tamales? Yes, tamales store so well in the freezer!

As lengthy as the food is prepped and packed properly, tamales will remain fresh for as much as 6 months in the freezer with little to no changes in smell or texture. When kept in the fridge, tamales will only keep for a mainly or so.

One point to remember once freezing tamales is to chef the dish an initial prior come freezing. Perform not freeze raw or uncooked tamales since this rises the hazard of flavor or structure changes. Because the food is do from uncooked ingredients, lock will begin degrading also when frozen. This goes particularly for uncooked tamales that’s to be left sit at room temperature for too long. Below is a step by step overview on how have the right to you freeze tamales:

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How to frozen Tamales?

Regardless if you’re freeze homemade or leftover tamales, it’s crucial to leave the food to cool down totally prior come prepping. Because that homemade tamales, leaving the cooked food on a cooling rack because that an hour or so. Examine frequently come make certain the tamales have cooled completely. Again, if you leaving the tamales sit at room temperature for also long, they will spoil.

Once the tamales space cooled completely, gain a large, airtight plastic container or numerous heavy-duty resealable plastic bags. Location the tamales inside the container, setup them level so castle retain their shape when they’ve to be thawed. Do not fill too plenty of tamales in one container. Seal the container, compose the storage day with a marker then stick in the freezer.

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How come Defrost and also Reheat Frozen Tamales?

To thaw frozen tamales, simply transfer the container from the freezer come the fridge. Leaving the food to thaw for several hours to overnight. When it involves reheating tamales, there are various ways to carry out it. You have the right to use a tamales steamer to reheat the tamales. Leaving the husks top top the tamales if she steaming them so the dough i will not ~ stick ~ above the steamer.

You can likewise reheat s tamales in the microwave. But if she reheating the food this way, you must remove the husks. Begin by removing the husks and also then laying every tamale top top a microwave-safe platter. Then, place a cup of water ~ above the exact same platter. This will ensure the the tamales will stay nice and also soft together they are heated. Pole in the microwave and also reheat because that 2 to 5 minutes.

Frying the tamales is also a good way come reheat the dish. Again, eliminate the husks that the tamales and also then fried food them in a skillet (add a tiny cooking oil) because that 5 come 10 minutes. Turn generally until every side is a nice golden brown.

Finally, you can bake the thawed tamales in the oven. Gain a baking pan, spray or brush a tiny cooking oil or butter on the pan and also then location the tamales (husks removed). Pole in the oven and bake at 425 degrees F for about 30 minutes.

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Freezing Tamales FAQs

Can you frozen cooked tamales?

As a make-ahead meal, cooking tamales deserve to be frozen. However, the tamales need to be pack properly due to the fact that their original cornhusk pack is too flimsy because that the extreme cold. Simply prepare the tamales together you typically would then chef them.

After steaming the tamales, you desire to leaving them come cool fully on a cable cooling rack. Keep a nearby eye ~ above the tamales as they cool because if they are left on the cooling rack for too long, they will certainly spoil!

Once the tamales have actually cooled completely, they are prepared for packing. Simply pile the tamales nicely in a huge airtight container. You have the right to use resealable plastic bags also but use them just if you have actually a huge freezer. When the tamales space piled nicely in the container, for sure the lid. Compose the storage date then stick in the freezer. They have to stay fresh as much as 6 month in the freezer.

Can you freeze uncooked tamales?

Tamales is made of a soft dough – dubbed masa – that’s highly perishable. However with the ideal technique, you have the right to make tamales front of time and also store the uncooked batch in the freezer for later cooking. Simply make the filling together you usually would. Then, you deserve to either load the tamales filling in their corn rice bowl wrapping then freeze or just freeze the whole batch unwrapped. Over there is no right or wrong means of law this; it’s every a issue of preference.

But however you chose to prepare the tamales dough, make certain to load it in a freezer-safe container. This goes nevertheless if the dough was packed in cornhusk wrappings or not. If girlfriend didn’t use a freezer-safe container, the frost might seep right into the dough, transforming its texture and consistency for good. This will readjust the mouthfeel the the tamales.

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How to cook frozen uncooked tamales?

Assuming the you froze uncooked tamales, you have the right to either leaving the tamales come thaw in the fridge overnight or chuck them straight in the steamer. Covering tamales are perfect for direct food preparation with no thawing needed. For unwrapped tamales, you need to wrap them in cornhusk wrapping an initial prior to cooking. This method you have to wait until the dough has thawed completely.

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Steam the defrosted tamales because that 25 minute over tool heat. For larger tamales, girlfriend can prolong the food preparation time to numerous minutes. For tamales that are all set for straight steaming, vapor them because that 90 minute or so.


Who can say no come a platter of steaming tamales? Making this savory morsels is a job of love yet all the effort sure is worth it! now that you understand how have the right to you freeze tamales, you have the right to whip up a substantial batch and also keep the rest to impress guests at your next event!