Have you ever before wondered, just how high deserve to rabbits jump? They have the right to jump a whopping four feet high, though most of the time they’ll run no higher than two. They simply need the proper motivation to run the whole four.

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Perhaps they’ll view something that might make a pretty snack. Or, probably they’ll simply become bored and also want come explore. You never know.

To be safe, that generally finest to do anything girlfriend don’t want your hare to hop end at the very least 4-5 feet tall.

Adult rabbits deserve to jump 4-5 feet right up if they have the catalyst to execute so. Infant rabbits deserve to only run 2 feet in ~ the an initial 2-3 months. Ensure every fencing and also rabbit runs space covered come secure your rabbit native escaping. Free-roaming rabbits can run at 25-45 MPH then leap 4-5 feet so keep this in mind.

We use this portable and also easy to move fence from Omlet. Design for chickens but likewise perfect for rabbits

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The hare is a Natural-Born Jumper

The rabbit is a natural-born jumper. Rabbits’ backward-facing (to us) legs are literally created the task, also as very muscular. The pressure with i beg your pardon they press off the soil is rather powerful.

Rabbits use this capacity to evade a predator’s grasp or come hop a garden fence in really hopes of rooting up a tasty snack.

They can also use these exceptional legs of theirs to deliver a fierce kick when they feel they are in danger.

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How High can Rabbits Jump end a Garden Fence?

No one wants rabbits in their garden, as they’re certain to turn your tirelessly-tended create into a fast snack. Did girlfriend know, some typical garden plants can likewise pose a actual danger?

Onions, because that example, and garlic, space so toxicity to rabbits that it’s regularly fatal. Tomato leaves? Poisonous. Rhubarb? The same.

Your fence will have to be at least 4 and ½ feet, ideally 5, to avoid your rabbits from jumping over. Also, make certain that the fence is a tough plastic or metal that your rabbits won’t be able to chew.

The fence should be pressed a foot or two right into the ground, to assist keep opportunistic rabbits native digging under.

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We usage this portable and also easy to relocate fence indigenous Omlet. Design for chicken but additionally perfect because that rabbits

Make certain Your Rabbits can not Jump the end of their Pen

Many prefer to take their indoor hare outdoors in a little, mesh-bottom pen. As long as the wall surfaces of the pen are tall enough, and the mesh spacing is nearby enough, this can work perfectly OK.

Just make sure the walls space over four feet tall. V mesh spacing, the smaller the spaces, the better. The pen must also be chew-proof, through a bottom that is impossible to destruction under.

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Did you recognize that rabbits can hop so high? Hopefully, you discovered this details useful. Develop the walls greater than four feet (closer to 5 is ideal), to store your delicate little pet from hopping the fence, and to safeguard them indigenous danger!

Final Thoughts

As you can see rabbits deserve to run in ~ a an extremely fast pass which then helps lock leap to end 4 feet ~ above average and also even baby rabbits can jump 2 feet. The only variable you’ll need to take into consideration is if your rabbit deserve to jump or leap over her backyard fence and escape.

Nobody desires to be making those sad ‘Lost Rabbit’ signs to be pinned all over your neighborhood.

Ensure cable enclosures or runs have actually a roof and totally free roaming rabbits have fencing 4 feet in height at least.