There space many civilization out over there that room interested in lacrosse that have a particular curiosity about the nature of the lacrosse ball. Offered that football player hurl the ball as quick as they can virtually every various other play, that only herbal to ask whether or not lacrosse balls are hard.

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Lacrosse balls are hard. They’re made up of a heavy rubber product that is discovered throughout the whole ball, from the surface to the core. Every lacrosse balls possess a tough composition since they must pass NOCSAE standards about compression deflection load and coefficient of restitution.

The large words linked with the NOCSAE standards might seem overly complex at first, but they’re yes, really not. We will delve into exactly how these NOCSAE standards pressure all lacrosse balls to it is in hard along with several facts the validate this claim.


How NOCSAE requirements Make all Lacrosse Balls Hard

For those of girlfriend that carry out not know, NOCSAE stand for nationwide Operating Committee on requirements for Athletic tools (source). They act as the governing human body to ensure the all lacrosse devices meets certain regulations to create a safer setting for players.

All lacrosse balls have to adhere come NOCSAE requirements in stimulate to it is in legal for play. If friend look closely on a lacrosse ball, over there is a brief statement engraved onto the surface that says, “Meets NOCSAE Standards” (source).

In stimulate to satisfy NOCSAE standards, lacrosse balls must pass a collection of tests. The ones that we’re concerned about are the compression deflection pack test and also the coefficient the restitution test.

Compression Deflection load Test

Essentially, the compression deflection fill test is performed to ensure the newly made lacrosse balls room able to stand up to a details threshold of pressure.

To begin, the ball is inserted under a hefty amount of weight, which at some point compresses it. The pressure is steadily boosted until the ball’s diameter is a fourth of what it usually is. In ~ this time, the amount of pressure withstood by the sphere is measured and recorded.

In order to be deemed legal because that play, the recorded press value must loss within 180 lbs to 210 lbs (source). Anything external of this variety and the lacrosse ball will be considered illegal.

This test at some point requires that recently made lacrosse balls with a details level of hardness before distribution. Any kind of soft lacrosse balls would fail this test and also would never ever make it to the field.

Coefficient that Restitution Test

The coefficient of restitution test is an additional standard that lacrosse balls should pass to be thought about legal for basic play. Again, this test sounds super complicated, but it’s simple to know when someone puts that in plain English.

The premise the this test is to measure how much power the sphere maintains after it rebounds turn off of one more solid object. A particularly made maker at NOCSAE throw lacrosse balls in ~ a designated strike plate. The early stage velocity of the lacrosse ball as that releases indigenous this device is recorded. After ~ the round rebounds off the strike plate, the last velocity is likewise recorded.

From here, a ratio is taken of the last velocity the the ball to its early stage velocity, otherwise recognized as the coefficient of restitution (source).

The coefficient that restitution must be in between 0.60 to 0.70 in stimulate to happen this check (source). To obtain this coefficient that restitution, lacrosse balls need to be difficult to rebound off of the to win plate and also maintain a enough velocity. A soft lacrosse round would cushion the impact, causing a complete loss the the initial velocity. In short, this is yet an additional NOCSAE conventional that ensures the lacrosse balls achieve a particular level that hardness.

Facts That more Prove Lacrosse Balls space Hard

To further demonstrate that lacrosse balls are hard, i compiled a pair of intriguing truth below. Needless to say, lacrosse balls are nothing prefer hacky sacks!

Fact #1: Lacrosse Balls are made up of the Same product as Hockey Pucks

What many people fail to realize is that lacrosse balls space composed of the same main ingredient the is supplied in hockey pucks. Both lacrosse balls and also hockey pucks mostly consist the vulcanized rubber (source).

If you’ve ever before felt a hockey puck before, you know that “soft” i will not ~ be the ax to explain its complexion. It’s fully solid, through no cushioning whatsoever. Lacrosse balls feeling the same precise way.

From an outside perspective, it’s tough to link these two together. Ns was actually unaware of this correlation before conducting some research study of mine own. It’s easy for civilization to believe that hockey uses tough rubber pucks due to the fact that every player is extended in protective equipment from head come toe. With lacrosse, players have noticeable gaps in protection, an especially on the legs. This is why world find the so difficult to think that lacrosse balls are just as tough as hockey pucks.

Fact #2: Lacrosse sphere Doesn’t have actually Cement in ~ its Core, contrary to well-known Opinion

Many civilization that organize a lacrosse round in your hands because that the very first time are rather surprised to uncover that it has a little bit of load to it. Not so lot to it is in a burden, yet enough to it is in a small bit take away back.

Certain people are so completely shocked the they come up with some ludicrous postulations regarding what lies at the center of a lacrosse ball. The many bizarre postulation i’ve heard is that the main point of the lacrosse round is filled v cement.

I have the right to assure you the this is fully false. If the main point of a lacrosse round were filled v cement, ns guarantee the there would certainly be considerably more injuries in the sport of lacrosse than there room presently. But if girlfriend don’t desire to take it my word for it, you can check out the video below of someone that actually took the moment to reduced open a lacrosse round to expose what’s inside.

As you deserve to see, the inside of a lacrosse round is just made the rubber. Yes sir no surprise material covert within. Back lacrosse balls are hard, they aren’t hard sufficient to have actually cement in them.

Fact #3: The more that girlfriend Play with a Lacrosse Ball, the more difficult It will Feel

In addition, a tiny known fact is that lacrosse balls will certainly feel harder the longer that girlfriend play with them.

When a lacrosse ball comes freshly out of the box, the surface ar of the sphere is textured and also grippy. Over time, this grippy surface texture put on away due to physical abuse, overexposure come the elements, and the harsh impacts of UV rays.

Eventually, almost all of the surface grip attract away, which reasons the sphere to it is in slick and shiny. This exercise is so typical that lacrosse players even came up the nickname of greasers to describe these slick lacrosse balls.

You can find an ext information around what greasers are and also how they can harm her lacrosse power by clicking over to my article What is a Greaser in Lacrosse? (& how Does it impact Play?)

In enhancement to becoming an ext slick and shiny, greasers tend to feeling harder together well. The reason for this needs to do v the contents of the lacrosse ball, a ide we touch on earlier.

You know that lacrosse balls space mostly comprised of vulcanized rubber. However, what you probably don’t understand is that there are also traces that oils and plasticizers infused in ~ the lacrosse round itself. As you play with a lacrosse round more, physics wear and also tear and also overexposure to UV rays causes these oils and plasticizers to separate out and rise up to the ball’s surface. From there, the oils and also plasticizers solidify, leaving the sphere feeling harder than it walk originally.

Are Lacrosse Balls Hard enough to Cause far-reaching Injury?

Now the you recognize for certain that lacrosse balls space hard, you’re most likely wondering exactly how the resolute nature of these balls relates come the possibility of injury.

Lacrosse balls space hurdled around at a high velocity in lacrosse. That an integral part of the game. As a result, there are times where mistakes happen and players do get caught in the line of fire. Unfortunately, injuries do occur as a direct an effect of this.

The average speed of a lacrosse shot is anywhere from 70 to 80 miles every hour. V a hard, heavy rubber ball moving at those kinds of speeds and then colliding with an additional lacrosse player, it’s tough to imagine that any kind of normal human being being would come out unscathed.

Most Injuries that result from Lacrosse Balls space Not significant

Luckily, the common injuries that result from these erratic throws are not that severe. The majority of the time, players that gain hit v a shot only come away v a welt or bruise. It may feel painful at first, however there’s not any type of long lasting injury effects.

I actually speak from an individual experience on this topic. Being mainly an offensive midfielder, there were number of times where I to be stationed ~ above the crease at the wrong place at the dorn time. Those 2 or 3 times wherein I acquired hit, the didn’t feel good. However, after ns sat out for a pat or two, ns felt great enough to go back to action.

Serious Injuries are much less Common, but Definitely Possible

This is no to say that all instances whereby players get with shots room petty injuries. There space times where major injuries might result. For example, concussions space a real opportunity if a player takes a shot to the helmet. Return helmets do help tremendously come cushion the impact, there’s only so lot they can do.

Another real danger that countless lacrosse players don’t take seriously room groin injuries. If you aren’t wearing a security cup and take a shot come the groin, there could be serious damages done. To placed it bluntly, just wear a cup. It’s not worth the risk.

Swax Lax Balls: The Safe different to difficult Lacrosse Balls

Due to the potential because that injury, there is a considerable number of athletes that go into into the sports of lacrosse with a solid fear of gaining hit through the ball. This stays clear of them from ever grasping the an easy fundamentals, such together throwing and catching.

Often times, these players just need an adjustment duration to acquire into the groove that things and also overcome their fear. Fortunately, there’s a healthy different to tough lacrosse balls the resemble lacrosse balls in practically every regard besides its difficult complexion. This healthy alternate is dubbed the Swax Lax Ball.

Swax Lax Balls are identical in size and also weight to a conventional lacrosse ball, however they’re noticeably softer.

This way, if a player does end up acquiring hit v an errant throw, it won’t hurt them in ~ all.

Swax Lax Balls are really popular among youth lacrosse players. It helps them hone in top top the fundamental maneuvers of lacrosse and also build confidence in their stick skills. Castle don’t need to be fear of any type of passes the come their way. It help them thrive to feel comfortable around lacrosse balls, until eventually they deserve to move on come the real thing.

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Words don’t carry out this product justice, so inspect out this evaluation by Greg native East shore Dyes to acquire an even better indication of exactly how the Swax Lax round fares.