Ive obtained a 14 ft Jon watercraft that needs an outboard on it. Ive seen some decent transaction on a couple 5HP motors. Is this enough power to push my boat pretty good or do I must go bigger? Im no trying come go actual fast; I simply wanna have the ability to move faster than what mine trolling motor does....thanks

Depends top top what kinda water friend beer-selection.comna placed the boat in Lake / correct it would certainly be OK and are girlfriend beer-selection.comna it is in alone in the Boat...Just mine 02 I would go nothing less then 9.9
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Ive gained a 14 ft Jon watercraft that demands an outboard on it. Ive checked out some decent deals on a pair 5HP motors. Is this sufficient power to push my watercraft pretty an excellent or perform I have to go bigger? Im no trying come go genuine fast; I simply wanna have the ability to move much faster than what my trolling engine does....thanks
Long together u ain"t wanting to get on anyof those lakes whereby the other watercrafts think they need to go 60mph u oughta b ok, unless u acquire in the big rivers when the water is high, I"d desire at least a 10h because that that..

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With a 14 foot boat, your are going to require 7-9 HP to plane, and also with any load, much more than that. In handy terms, 9.9 is the minimum to get it ~ above plane.If you can"t acquire it come plane, you space going come be restricted to 6-7 MPH, which is probably around 2-3 MPH quicker than your electric trolling motor. Of course the difference is the you deserve to do that 6-7 MPH as lengthy as you save gas in it, you don"t need to worry around the battery dying.



im in the same boat metaphorically speaking, i think im beer-selection.comna go through a 15-20 bc the ol trolling motor just aint cut it no more
I"ve gained a 8 horse Mercury, and when ns rented a 14" jon watercraft in Florida, it driven it follow me pretty well with 3 of united state in the boat. Ns was surprised, it moved it as well as the 9.9s that came on the rented boats, uneven you had actually your own motor.

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Small lakes with little load the 5hp would most likely pretty reasonable. Larger rivers through current and also stuff i would def walk at the very least the 9.9 however would reccomend a 15hp. If you gain a small bigger you will still it is in fine, yet if you walk to little then its no good. There is more than likely a great reason you have uncovered a lot of of an excellent deals ~ above those 5hp...probably due to the fact that they discovered out that they werent huge enough for what they needed. An excellent luck finding you a deal.
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