If you have ever seen a Shih Tzu at a dog display competition, you have most most likely seen their lengthy flowing hair gracefully gliding throughout the floor.

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But execute all Shih Tzu have long hair?

All adult purebred Shih Tzu commonly have lengthy hair, and also when left uncut, the hair would proceed to thrive to the ground. However, if a Shih Tzu is bred with another breed, the hair may not have the ability to grow fairly as long.


Another reason you may see a lot of short-haired, adult Shih Tzu dogs is due to the fact that people are regularly quite liven these days, and some pet parents uncover it much less complicated to treatment for your dogs" hair once it"s groomed shorter.

Puppies, however, room a various matter.

A Shih Tzu puppy will often have quick hair until they lose their puppy coat and only then will certainly they be able to grow their hair long.

But, long hair is frequently dependent on how well their coat is cared for too.

To understand how to treatment for a Shih Tzu coat, you"ll first have to know what renders it different from other dog breeds.

How Shih Tzu"s Coat differs From various other Dog Breeds

Have you ever seen a dog shake their entire body and also saw a many of hair flying turn off them?

This may conjure up visions that Pigpen"s character in the lover Charlie Brown cartoons, where a cloud the dust and also dirt monitor him about wherever that goes.

While it may be funny in a cartoon, in genuine life, the is rather the opposite.

When hair gets anywhere the carpets, furniture, and also your clothing, it have the right to be fairly a nuisance to remove.

Fortunately, this isn"t much of an concern for the Shih Tzu breed because their coat is consisted of of hair, much more like humans, and not fur.

This hair is dense, soft, and silky and also can be straight or a slight wave to it.

One the the most far-ranging differences between hair and also fur is that hair has a slower growth cycle, bring about less shedding.

The Shih Tzu also has what is referred to as a dual coat.

A double coat is a thick undercoat beneath a longer, smoother great on top. This method that the few hairs the do autumn off will most frequently get recorded in the undercoat which may require a great brushing to eliminate them.

This is what makes many human being say the Shih Tzu a non-shedding dog breed.

Long hair left long and also flowing is recognized as a complete coat and also is an extremely high maintenance. Yet if you have actually the time to invest brushing every this soft hair to store it native tangling, it might be worth it.

Growing lengthy Hair ~ above a Shih Tzu

As a puppy, a Shih Tzus cloak is an extremely fine, soft, and fluffy.

It isn"t till they reach between 6 come 12 months when they lose their puppy coats and also develop their mature coat.

Once they have their mature hair, the should prosper at a price of a half-inch every month.

If a Shih Tzu has been shave down, it deserve to take between 12 to 24 months prior to you"ll check out a nice lengthy coat poignant the ground. However, be all set to brush it everyday while that is farming out to store it native tangling.

Also, feeding lock a top quality diet and also supplements will aid grow your coat ago healthier.

Omega fat acids are terrific for coat and also skin health. Uncover foods that contain them, or use an omega 3 supplement. 

We recommend constantly talking to your vet before beginning a complement regime. Your vet will certainly advise if a day-to-day supplement is needed or also if her Shih Tzu will need them in ~ all.

How come Groom long Hair ~ above a Shih Tzu

One good thing around long hair is the it won"t have to be reduced as often. Unless they get really dirty, bringing them to the groomers because that a bath and also trim can be done every 5 come 6 weeks.

But it can take hrs of brushing to save that beautiful full coat from obtaining tangled.

This long, flow coat will certainly be sweeping follow me the floor collecting every kinds that dirt and debris. So daily brushing is needed to eliminate all that collected dirt, so it doesn"t track into your house or develop matting on her Shih Tzu.

Once matting starts, it can take a lengthy time to gain them out, if at all.

Some human being will opt to use a de-matting tool, while others will pick to simply shave it instead.

Bathing your Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu must not it is in bathed too often, conversely, washing them too often can remove the organic body oils essential to save their skin and coat healthy.

No much more than every 3 weeks, unless they get an extremely dirty and also smelly.

You can start to see exactly how a Shih Tzu through a full-length coat will certainly take a lot an ext time to preserve than one through a much shorter cut.

So, if you prefer to take your Shih Tzu because that walks in the woods or a swim in the pool, you may want to reconsider the long coat.

It might be wiser come go v a shorter haircut if your Shih Tzu likes to carry out these outdoor activities with you.

Show cut vs. Puppy cut vs. Teddy be affected by each other Cut

As elegant together the "show cut" looks, it simply isn"t helpful for the bulk of people.

This is why many Shih Tzu pet parents will select a shorter cut. 

A Shih Tzu still looks adorable also with a quick haircut, however the real benefit is the time it takes to care for your hair is significantly reduced. 

Let"s take a look in ~ the differences between these three well-known Shih Tzu haircuts.

Show or traditional Cut

The show cut leaves all the hair long and also flowing. The is also the highest possible to keep haircut together it should be brushed numerous times a day to store it clean and also avoid tangles.

However, castle sure perform look exquisite in this lengthy coat, don"t friend think?

Although, it is not an extremely practical because that a Shih Tzu the likes to run and play outdoors and also get very messy.

This type of haircut is usually scheduled for a Shih Tzu that competes in dog shows.

However, plenty of of these present dogs will acquire a low-maintenance haircut as soon as their competitions involved an end.

Puppy Cut


The Puppy cut leaves the hair about a couple inches or much shorter all over.

The ears and also beard space trimmed to enhance the much shorter coat, and also it is by much the easiest reduced to maintain.

You can select to leave the tail and ears longer, as presented in this cutie.

He will certainly still should be brushed to store his hair from acquiring dirty. But the time is substantially reduced.

Teddy be affected by each other Cut

The puppy cut and also teddy bear reduced are pretty comparable in that body is cut short. The difference between the two is the head, tail, and legs.

The body deserve to be reduced to any type of length however will be much shorter than the legs and also face. The legs and also face room left fuller and rounded.

The ears are blended into the rounded face for a full look, and the tail is shaped to look choose a large cotton puffball.

In the end, the teddy bear cut creates the figure of a cute tiny fuzzy stuffed teddy bear.

While the 3 haircuts above are the most common for a Shih Tzu, they have the right to be differed to produce a distinctive hairstyle for her dog.

For instance, girlfriend can add a height knot to a teddy bear cut or leaving a fluffy tail and also head on a summer cut.

Read our write-up "7 finest Haircuts for Shih Tzu" to view a range of the hairstyle principles for her Shih Tzu dog.

The peak Knot

A top knot ~ above a Shih Tzu is frequently used once the hair on their head is longer.

Basically, it"s provided to store the hair the end of the dogs" eyes. But likewise adds a tiny oomph come whichever reduced is favored for them.

To acquire a optimal knot, comb all the hair about their forehead as much as the height of their head.

Secure v a clip, a ribbon, or a little elastic band, offering the Shih Tzu a ponytail appearance.

Loosen it a little if it appears too tight.

Instead of a ponytail, some owners will certainly make a braid to store the hair ago for a different look.


Final thoughts

It"s yes, really a matter of an individual choice to leaving a Shih Tzu with lengthy hair or short.

The ideal haircut is one the a pets parent has the time to maintain.

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So if having long hair on your Shih Tzu is what friend want, be all set to spend a most your time keeping them clean and also tidy.