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Hull style will have actually a vast effect on peak end. A deep vee will run slower 보다 a modified, which will certainly be slower 보다 a planing (flat bottom) hull. Top top the other hand, the much more vee, the better the ride.

Thanks because that the replies. Its a shallow V, really light weight boat. I recognize it will certainly be slow with much more people in it. I was trying to understand the speed so once I to be on a lake that has say a 10 m.p.h. Speed limit ns would recognize if full speed is too fast or not. Sounds favor if i save it at half throttle I should be o.k. On this speed restricted lakes.
I have an larger 14" Mirrorcraft deep vee v 1984 Johnson and also checked speed with gps 28 mph with just me in boat .
I have actually an older 14" Mirrorcraft deep vee through 1984 15 hp Johnson and also checked rate with gps 28 mph with just me in boat . Sorry about very first post forgot to put hp in.
Well mine 14 foot semi-v with a 9.9 merc will certainly run circles approximately my dad"s pontoon boat, i m sorry I"ve clocked at 17 mph. So, I figure it"s running approximately 22-24 mph with just me in it. This is a an extremely light watercraft though... Thin gauge hull.
CABLE steer ROCKS!!! instance of the Mondays!! we make boating an ext fun!
I have a 14 foot SeaNympho V-bottom with a 15 horse Honda fourstroke. With two men that weigh a complete of near 500lbs, and gear, I had a gps speed that 19.5 travel up present on the kalamazoo river.Rick
I clocked my setup with general practitioners at 28 mph with me and also my gear. Me and just the watercraft it will certainly hit 32 mph top top glass days. 2 guys and also gear bring away it under to around 20 come 22 mph.
I have actually an 86 Mirrocraft, basic open deep V 14" ,63" beam through an 86 Johnson 15hp. Through a 75# bag that sand(to keep the bow native porpoising) in the bow and me in the back, I"ve clocked myself doing 22mph top top GPS, through a buddy in front, much more like 18mph.
I reccon if your 14 foot start to aircraft out...Youve around hit your rate limit. You will need to ride that bubble.
My 1963 14" be affected by each other semi v v 15hp Johnson does about 18 with me. It"s a heavy watercraft for it"s size. It s okay on plane about 8 mph v the stingray plate.

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I gain just end 21 mph with simply myself and gear, and also around 18 with a passanger. Not the fastest, no the prettiest, yet it doesn"t leak, and always gets me ago to the dock. Tight Lines
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