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Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights indigenous California come Vietnam because of COVID-19?
Vietnam Airlines has actually waived its readjust and cancellation fees ~ above flights indigenous California to Vietnam. Confirm plan on booking site.

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How does find such low prices on flights indigenous California come Vietnam? is a take trip search engine. That way we look throughout the internet to find the finest prices us can find for ours users. V over 2 billion flight queries handle yearly, we space able to display a range of prices and options on flights native California to Vietnam.

How walk's flight Price estimate tool help me select the best time come buy my trip ticket from California come Vietnam?’s trip Price estimate tool uses historical data to identify whether the price for a trip to Vietnam native California is most likely to change within 7 days, so travelers understand whether come wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights native California come Vietnam?
Hacker Fares permit you to integrate one-way ticket in bespeak to conserve you money end a timeless round-trip ticket. You could then paris to Vietnam with an airline and back to California with one more airline.

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What is's "flexible dates" feature and why must I care when looking for a trip from California to Vietnam?
Sometimes travel dates aren"t set in stone. If your wanted travel days have part wiggle room, flexible days will present you every the alternatives when flying to Vietnam from California approximately 3 job before/after your preferred dates. You deserve to then pick the flights that suit girlfriend best.

Cons: "Boarding was awful. The staff certainly need far better training at adapting with the Covid 19 situation. Especially, when it involves unexpected occurrences regarding test certificates and also sudden new regulations. Not everything is always black and also white and also not everyone has the same capacity to afford rebooking flights or re-testing. Therapy of however, in general at the LAX airport, ~ above my flight at least, were unprofessional and also inconsiderate. I usually like flying v Japan Airlines but after what I have seen and also experienced personally I’m no so certain it is still among my number one airline to fly v anymore."
Cons: "Boarding was awful. The staff absolutely need better training in ~ adapting v the Covid 19 situation. Especially, as soon as it pertains to unexpected occurrences about test certificates and sudden brand-new regulations. Not every little thing is constantly black and white and not everyone has the very same capacity to afford rebooking flights or re-testing. Treatment of foreigners in general at the LAX airport, ~ above my flight at least, to be unprofessional and inconsiderate. I normally like flying with Japan Airlines however after what I have seen and experienced personally I’m no so certain it is still among my number one airlines to fly through anymore."
Cons: "The American Airlines trip was delay so the delayed trip from Honolulu might make it come Los Angeles and also not topic AA to additional complaints. We arrived at close to midnight and worried about getting the car out the the parking lot there is no incurring added charges of and extr day. The food was no great."
Pros: "The coach seat were bigger than seats for residential flights. The windows were dimmable for optimal lighting."
Cons: "The armrests did no go up every the way, which made it complicated to maximize comfort v my take trip partner."
Cons: "The crew members could have been more courteous to client on the flight by lowering your voices as soon as conversating amongst themselves."
Pros: "The window shades to be so cool. Chair was small but fairly comfortable and also I like the foot rest."
Pros: "The trip attendants were an extremely attentive and polite, seat are some of the most comfortable of any kind of airline I've flown (particularly contrasted to the united state domestics), entertain is solid (although the English movie an option was no that large), and also we were regularly offered food and also drink if us were awake. I would definitely recommend JAL to others."
Cons: "The food was not to mine liking (i.e., all Japanese style, yet not necessarily species that appeal more to Westerners) however it to be palatable."