We are going to be in Sarasota in July, and are considering driving to Key West. I know that we could take a boat from Ft. Myers, but at present, I think we'd like to drive...SO...

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...can anyone give me an accurate picture as to what the drive would be like? I have heard about people leaving Miami and taking a wrong turn and ending up in the "bad" part of town...is it straight forward from the other side of the state? Also, in terms of "Alligator Alley": what does that really mean, with respect to alligators????

Thank you very much for your input.

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1.Re: Drive from Sarasota to Keys
13 years ago
Alligator Ally is the old Highway 41 route that most people don't take anymore because I-75 goes through there now and it's much faster. I think I have seen 3 gators in three trips through there on the side of the road...:) No big deal. There is even a fence on the side of the Interstate to protect gators from walking onto the road and getting killed.

Wrong turn in Miami? Not sure how. Just take I-75 South to I-95 (I think, can't remember) to the one Keys road (US-1?). I didn't drive so don't remember the exact route but it was easy, easy, easy. In Homestead, there was a tricky part but just pay attention and you'll be fine.

Takes us 6.5 hours. Takes another local Sarasota poster 8 hours (not sure why). You can make good time to Miami but once you get on that two lane road to Key West, you have to go slowly and if there is bad traffic, it could take even longer. In July, that is the off season, so traffic should be fine (unless it's for the July 4th holiday).

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Most people say it's a pretty drive, but if you're like me and just want to get there, you won't notice. :)

You are going to LOVE Key West. It is magical. One of my favorite places in the world, yes, the world.