Memphis come Gatlinburg is a 433-mile, fun-filled road trip through Tennessee come the entrance to good Smoky mountains National Park. The quickest means is also the best, taking Interstate 40, the corridor connecting West and East Tennessee. Enjoy these cool explorations along her way, many located simply 1-to-2 miles off the interstate.

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Music between Memphis and Nashville

Tina Turner pan will reap cranking her best hits top top their way to tour the Tina Turner Museum in Brownsville, TN. Wild wigs and also shiny dresses are optional. Numerous such items are in residence, donated by the “Queen of rock ‘n’ Roll” herself – all housed in the country school residence where she attend grade school.

The Rockabilly room of Fame is just external Jackson, TN. Gain an within look of what made rockabilly music together a world-renowned music phenomenon in the 1940s and 1950s. Fans will certainly be fascinated to browse with the cool collections that function signed guitars, performance costumes and also other rockabilly memorabilia.

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image courtesy the the rockabilly Hall that Fame

Famous car on display

While in Jackson, TN, stop in and also enjoy Rusty’s TV and Movie car Museum, featuring among the original Batmobile cars from the 1989 movie “Batman.” over there are much more than 20 cars in ~ this museum, whatever from the “General Lee” Chevy Charger offered for “The Dukes that Hazzard,” come the white vintage terminal wagon indigenous the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters.” Rusty the owner is set back, friendly and, together time permits, will frequently guide tourists on personal tours of the facility.

Towns between Memphis and also Gatlinburg

Franklin: Throwback come the 1800’sDrive 30 miles southern from Nashville top top Interstate-65 to experience Franklin, TN. The small city functions a bustling downtown main Street area loaded with shops, boutiques, and also lots of nation cooking. There’s likewise plenty of polite War-era buildings and also historical sites that will delight and enthrall American background buffs. Try the Carter house on Columbia Avenue, v 1,000 Civil war bullet holes!

Back ~ above I-40, you’ll gain the scenic see of the majestic Smoky mountains as you technique Gatlinburg, TN. Have a rocking great time travel Tennessee. And also when you’re lastly here, remaining in among our Gatlinburg cabins or Pigeon forge cabin rentals, enjoy!