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The Phoenix to ras Vegas drive is not a course that generally excites people. In fact, the fastest and most common route in between the 2 cities along the US-93 highway doesn’t pass v anything of interest and also can, at times, feel together if you’re simply trudging along with barren, unlimited desert.

However, if friend take the time to endeavor away indigenous the quickest route advertisement decide to take it a leisurely Phoenix to ras Vegas scenic drive and make a bit of a road trip out of it, girlfriend will have actually the possibility to see and also experience some of the many incredible natural and historical sites that the good state the Arizona needs to offer. While over there are countless things to perform in Phoenix and also we all understand that ras Vegas is a stand-alone destination in itself, it’s time to do the drive simply as fun and also interesting.

So, if you’re interested in transforming a frequently boring drive into an epos Phoenix to ras Vegas road trip, make certain to encompass these stops along the way. While friend don’t have to take the moment to visit everything on this list in stimulate to have a hell of a lot much more fun top top the ras Vegas come Phoenix drive 보다 you would certainly if you just stuck come the US-93, including a grasp of this sites and also towns is certain to leaving you v a memorable trip that you’ll cherish because that years to come.

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Phoenix to ras Vegas journey StopsWhere to remain on the Phoenix to las Vegas Drive

Planning a Phoenix to las Vegas Drive

Before I gain into every one of the exceptional stops to do on the Phoenix to las Vegas drive, we need to cover a couple of logistics first. Very first and foremost, we require to discuss how you’re going to walk on this impressive road trip that you’re planning.

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Now that you recognize where to acquire your vehicle from, we have to talk around the route you’re going to take. The stops follow me this drive don’t like on the most direct route to las Vegas, however, no great road pilgrimage ever concerned fruition by following the many efficient way to go, did it? If you want to make a fun and engaging trip out of her Phoenix to las Vegas drive, climate you’re going to need to ignore what Google Maps may tell you and decide i beg your pardon of these stops sound the most exciting to you.

The majority of these stops are situated somewhere follow me (with a couple of detours) the Interstate-17 highway. However, if you want to visit a pair of stop (notably Payson and the Tonto herbal Bridge), you’re going to desire to journey slightly northeast along the AZ-87 before heading back west and joining up with the I-17.

Beautiful State path 87 just outside of Phoenix

Distance native Phoenix to las Vegas

The last point that demands to be addressed prior to I obtain into every one of these amazing Phoenix to las Vegas stops is exactly how long it will certainly take girlfriend to execute this drive.

While the distance from Phoenix to ras Vegas follow me the 93 is only about 300 miles (or around 5 hours driving), this scenic road trip is going to it is in a little longer. The is why ns recommend the you spend a couple of days to carry out this pilgrimage in stimulate to get the many out that it.

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If you desire to do a couple of stops follow me the method but don’t have time to encompass everything, then you only require one or 2 nights along the method (I re-publishing our peak accommodation recommendations and also where to stay at the end of this article). If you want to see whatever on this list, then you’re walk to want to spend may three or 4 nights (or more) top top this roadway trip.

So how far is Phoenix to las Vegas? Well, the really counts on how long you want to make your roadway trip and also which that these exceptional sites and towns you desire to see!

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Phoenix to las Vegas drive Stops

So without more ado, these room what ns (born and also raised in Arizona!) believe to it is in the best stops top top the journey from Phoenix to ras Vegas!

1. Old town Scottsdale

This an initial stop on her Phoenix to las vegas road pilgrimage doesn’t also have you leaving the greater Phoenix subway area — the is Old city Scottsdale! Scottsdale is famous as a getaway for countless looking for part winter sunshine, an excellent eats, wonderful shopping, good golf, and world-class nightlife and there is no much better place to experience every one of that than in Old town Scottsdale!

The Old town area isn’t large, yet there is a lot to see and also do there. If girlfriend love come shop, climate you’ll reap checking out all of the boutiques in the area. If you’re a fan of nightlife, climate this is the area come go out in. If you room after a great meal, climate you must head to few of the area’s top<-notch restaurants.

Modelled like an old west town, Scottsdale is one eclectic mix that old-world charm and contemporary amenities and it is the perfect place to begin any kind of road pilgrimage to Vegas.

Spending the night in Phoenix? This centrally located 2 bedroom apartment in Scottsdale is a great option!

Old city Scottsdale

2. Payson

If you desire to take her time on this Phoenix to las Vegas roadway trip and also don’t mental making a pretty large detour, then make sure to work your means north follow me the AZ-87 rather of sticking to the interstate-17 indigenous the get-go. This drive external of Phoenix is among the most scenic the you will encounter, with an entire forest’s precious of Arizona’s top Saguaro cacti v your windows.

About 90 minutes driving outside of Phoenix. You will reach the small town the Payson. When Arizona towns may draw images the tumbleweeds, cacti and also desert dust, Payson is located in the mountains and as a patent alpine feeling to it. The tiny town is worth exploring for a few hours and you can also enjoy few of the surrounding woodland for a hike if friend choose.

Though that isn’t infinitely exciting, Payson is a well-known retreat for Phoenix locals in the summer months looking to cool turn off from the oppressive warm in the valley of the Sun and also there are lots of outdoor sporting activities offerings that room sure come please.

3. Tonto herbal Bridge State Park

Not far from the town of Payson lies among my favourite and one of the most underrated herbal sites in Arizona, the Tonto herbal Bridge. This incredible item of herbal scenery tucked within the lush Ponderosa pine woodland is believed to it is in the largest herbal travertine bridge (stone arch) in the world and it is absolutely tremendous to see.

Entry right into the state park is $7 every person and also from the auto park, you can walk come four different viewpoints whereby you have the right to see the bridge from countless angles. If you’re up for a little of a hike and weather permitting, over there are likewise a number of trails the you can take that carry you down under and around the bridge so you have the right to truly endure the magnificence the this force of nature.

The Tonto herbal Bridge

4. Prescott

If you forgo the detour come Payson and the Tonto natural Bridge, then one of the best an initial stops ~ above the Phoenix to ras Vegas drive would certainly be the town of Prescott. Situated a bit of a detour off of the I-17, Prescott is a charming tiny town the is very much worth exploring.

If girlfriend don’t want to was standing out prefer the tourist the you are, make sure that you pronounce this town effectively — it’s Press-KITT, no Press-KOTT. Various other than that, Prescott additionally has various things to sell than what one would generally assume the a city in Arizona. Also situated in jaw forest, Prescott is home to a charming town square and numerous it s as beautiful as picture small-town streets. Over there are several shops to browse and some good restaurants come grab a little bit to eat at, together well.

If you want to invest a night here, make certain to head out to the bars on Whiskey Row and also you will certainly be greeted by classic Western-style saloons together with some modern-style bars, as well.

Prescott has a lovely small-town vibe the you can’t obtain in a lot of places in Arizona and it renders it a an excellent place come visit on a journey from ras Vegas come Phoenix or angry versa.

5. Montezuma Castle national Monument

The drive from Phoenix to ras Vegas is actually quite a diverse one and it’s not only filled through picturesque towns or natural sites. No, you can likewise visit some incredible historical sites as well! and one of the top historic sites to watch on the journey is Montezuma Castle nationwide Monument.

This pre-Columbian dwelling situated in a cave just external of the town of Camp Verde, not much north that Prescott, was first discovered in the 1860s. It was referred to as Montezuma’s lock after the Aztec emperor due to the fact that it was thought to be linked to that civilization group that Mexico (it wasn’t).

Archaeological findings since then have established that the “castle” acted as something that a primitive apartment complex for the Sinagua people. In fact, many human being in Hopi clans (a tribe native to Arizona and other southwestern states) have the right to trace their family tree to the human being who once inhabited Montezuma’s castle.

Entry into the monument is $10 for adults and complimentary for children under the age of 16. Over there are additionally a handful of public holidays throughout the year wherein entry into the monument is free.

6. Verde Valley

So far on this Phoenix to las Vegas scenic drive, we’ve quit at charming tiny towns, incredible natural sites, and also fascinating historical monuments. If all of that is no enough, it’s time to add another unexpected thing into the mix — wine! when Arizona might not it is in the first destination that springs come mind once it concerns grape cultivation, there is in reality some significant wine nation located in the Verde sink in north Arizona, close to to the city of Cornville.

In the city of Cornville itself, you can visit a variety of tasting rooms that offer up wines do from surrounding wineries, or you might visit several of the vineyards yourself. One of the many popular and also highly acclaimed is Oak Creek Vineyards, a family-run boutique winery situated just outside of Cornville.

Just store in mind that Arizona has some that the strictest drink driving legislations in the country, therefore make certain you’re sober sufficient to take it the wheel after you have a wine tasting!

7. Sedona

One that the absolute ideal stops top top a road trip from Phoenix to vegas is the inimitable city of Sedona. Well-known for its iconic red rocks and incredible herbal scenery, there space a the majority of things to carry out in Sedona that could easily store you inhabited for a couple of days.

If you’re a nature lover, this is the prevent for you! included by many hiking trails giving beautiful vistas that the neighboring area, over there is a hike for every kinds the fitness levels in Sedona. If you would rather see that on 4 wheels, probably opt because that an iconic Pink Jeep tour the Sedona’s red rocks.

There are lots of various jeep tourism to choose from, for instance, this jeep tour takes you to Mogollon Rim or this one will drive girlfriend to several of the vortexes that space iconic in Sedona.

The town of Sedona chin is likewise worth exploring, with many independent shops and great restaurants abounding. Take the moment to browse the boutiques in Tlaquepaque town or even get her palm check out in among the numerous new-age centres in the town!

Want to invest the night in Sedona? This lovely serene cottage is a great option!

8. Slide absent State Park

Just a little bit north the Sedona lies among the many fun stop on the Phoenix to las Vegas drive — Slide rock State Park! This state park is located in Oak Creek Canyon wherein a natural water slide has created from year of Oak Creek eroding the red rocks.

If you’re visiting in the warmer months, make sure to pack your swimsuits and also get sliding together the present propels friend along few of the smoothest rocks that you will ever before see. The water deserve to be really chilly, however if you’re visiting ~ above a hot summer’s day, it will be a welcome respite. The organic water slides might be unique, however the beautiful scenery surrounding the park is what provides this one incredible stop on this road trip.

9. Flagstaff

The greatest city exterior of the Phoenix subway area top top this ras Vegas to Phoenix drive, Flagstaff makes great stop on the road trip. Home to northern Arizona Unversity, Flagstaff is storage of one alpine city and, if you visit in the wintertime, you will discover the city buried beneath a thick layer the snow. In fact, Flagstaff is residence to Arizona’s just ski will — the Arizona eye Bowl!

Because the is a university town, there are a lot of cool hangouts, bars and restaurants in Flagstaff, making that a worthwhile stop on this road trip. It is likewise a protect against on the historic Route 66 — a driving path that was opened in 1926 (before the introduction of the interstate system) that linked Chicago come Los Angeles. Girlfriend can find lots of route 66 nostalgia and background in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is also a popular place come visit because that outdoor lovers and makes a an excellent jumping-off allude to visit the grand Canyon, together it is the largest city in northern Arizona.

10. Sunset Crater Volcano nationwide Monument

Located around 30 minute driving phibìc of Flagstaff lies an additional of Arizona’s underrated natural sites — Sunset Crater Volcano.

This dormant cinder cone volcano is one incredible location to visit no issue the season (it’s an especially beautiful in the winter months hidden underneath the snow) and also makes because that a distinctive stop ~ above the las Vegas to Phoenix drive. When the volcano critical erupted around 1085 CE, the eco-friendly and social impact shaped the landscape and ethnological makeup of Arizona today.

Entry into the national Monument is $25 every passenger automobile (so if you have actually 4 world in your car, the is $6.25 every person) and it is valid because that one mainly upon purchase. There are a grasp of free entry days throughout the year, for this reason make sure to inspect their website to keep abreast the them.

11. Grand Canyon nationwide Park

No perform of stop on the drive from Phoenix to las Vegas would certainly be finish without consisting of the most defining landmark of Arizona — the cool Canyon. As one of the most famous side-trips from las Vegas, among the many visited national parks in the US, and honestly one of the most breathtaking herbal sites in the whole world, visiting the cool Canyon is just one of the points that you have to do at the very least once in her lifetime.

Though many people will journey to a viewpoint, take it a couple of photos, and then get back in their cars and also get on your merry way, over there is therefore much more than the grand Canyon needs to offer 보다 this. So please make certain that friend take the moment to properly do your research before visiting and also plan your time at the canyon well. The is truly among the many spectacular things you will ever see in her life!

If you’re driving native Phoenix to ras Vegas, the easiest location to visit in the cool Canyon is walking to it is in the south Rim. This is the many developed part of the canyon and has the most amenities, and also therefore has actually the most tourist crowds. If you desire to escape the crowds, us recommend heading a bit further afield and also visiting the phibìc Rim, however, note that it is only open from might 15 to October 15 every year.

Regardless of i m sorry rim girlfriend visit, entry right into the nationwide Park is $30 per passenger vehicle and also there are also a grasp of free-entry days transparent the year. Inspect their website because that details on the dates.

Want to spend the night near the cool Canyon? Consider this peaceful woodland cottage located nearby in Flagstaff.

12. Lake Mead nationwide Recreation Area

The last stop driving in the direction of Vegas from the cool Canyon is located on the border the Arizona and Nevada and also is the perfect place to visit for lover of watersports — Lake Mead!

A artificial lake as a an outcome of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead was first flooded on 30 September 1935 and is likewise the very an initial National Recreation Area inscribed and protected by the national Parks Service.

Lake Mead acts as a reservoir and also serves water come the says of Nevada, Arizona, and also California and also parts of Mexico. However, because of some severe drought in recent year, the lake is just at about 40% volume as the 2019.

Entry into Lake Mead nationwide Recreation Area is $25 per vehicle and the entrance is valid because that one week complying with purchase.

Where to continue to be on the Phoenix to las Vegas Drive

Although you deserve to drive indigenous Phoenix to las Vegas in around five hours, if you desire to acquire the most out of the scenic drive in between these 2 desert cities, you’re walking to want to uncover a place or 2 to invest the night along the way.

While you’re definitely going come be trying to find accommodation in Phoenix and also Las Vegas, ideal places to prevent for the night follow me the means include Sedona and Flagstaff.

If you’re wondering wherein to stay everywhere along the ras Vegas come Phoenix drive, have actually a look at our optimal recommendations:

Where to remain in Phoenix

SureStay Hotel Phoenix Airport — This hotel is terrific option if you’re travel on a budget plan but don’t desire to sacrifice cleanliness or comfort while in Phoenix. They room conveniently situated in the city’s downtown and breakfast is likewise included in the nightly rate. Click below to watch their recent prices

The Saguaro Hotel — This deluxe resort situated in Old city Scottsdale is an excellent place to stay in the Phoenix area, specifically if you want to it is in close to several of the finest nightlife and also restaurants in the city. They have a variety of cool and chic rooms obtainable and plenty of other amenities to make your time in Arizona’s resources a great one. Click below to watch their recent prices

Private vacation Rental – If you desire to continue to be in her own ar in Phoenix, climate there a number of excellent choices for girlfriend such as this centrally located 2 bedroom apartment in Scottsdale. Click here to check out the best private rentals in Arizona!

Not rather what you’re looking for? Click below to browse other hotels in Phoenix!

Where to remain in Sedona

Sedona town Lodge – This hotel is fantastic option because that those searching for a straightforward and affordable room in Sedona. Located close come the city centre and additionally within easy reach of numerous hiking trails, lock come really highly rated and also have a variety of clean and comfortable rooms available.Click right here to watch their latest prices

Sky Ranch Lodge — If you are travelling top top a slightly higher budget, then this romantic hotel is a terrific option in Sedona. Centrally located, they have a range of comfortable rooms obtainable and a bar and restaurant on site.

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Click right here to check out their availability

A Sunset Chateau — This deluxe bed & breakfast is the ideal location to stay if you’re in search of a romantic escape in Sedona. Ideally situated for long walking trails and also exploring the town of Sedona, there are countless amenities on offer and a an excellent breakfast included in the nightly rare. Click right here to see their availability

Not rather what you’re spring for? Click here to browse other hotels in Sedona

Where to remain in Flagstaff

Grand Canyon worldwide Hostel — If you’re travelling solo or top top a budget, climate this Flagstaff hostel is great choice for you. Supplying both dorm beds and also private rooms, they space centrally located, have great common areas, and likewise include breakfast in the nightly rate. Click right here to check out their availability

Hotel Elev8 Flagstaff — This hotel is a great mid-range choice if you’re preventing in Flagstaff en course to las Vegas or Phoenix. Situated within easy reach that the downtown area, there are a variety of comfortable rooms available and the hotel additionally has a swimming pool and also even a sauna ~ above site! Click below to watch their availability

Little America Hotel Flagstaff — This is wonderful high-end alternative if you’re looking for a place to stay in Flagstaff. This hotel has numerous amenities — consisting of a lovely swimming pool and also a great restaurant that serves breakfast lunch and also dinner — and likewise has a variety of spacious and comfortable rooms available. Click here to check out their availability

Not rather what you’re looking for? Click right here to browse various other hotels in Flagstaff

Where to remain in ras Vegas

Sin City Hostel — If you’re looking to save money ~ above accommodation as soon as in Vegas, then this hostel is a good choice for you. They have a range of dorm beds available, an connected staff, good common areas, and social events organised most nights the the week. Click right here to view their availability

Bally’s ras Vegas Hotel & Casino — If you’re feather to continue to be in a nice hotel on the piece without break the bank, then this is a good option for you. They have actually a variety of clean and comfortable rooms available, many restaurants, bars, and a swimming pool on site, along with a casino and breakfast included in the nightly rate. Click below to view their availability

Bellagio — If you desire to splash the cash in las Vegas, then you cannot go wrong through booking a room at the iconic Bellagio. Located straight on the strip, this is just one of the most renowned hotels in Vegas and it consists of countless amenities, a world-class casino, and also even one of Sin City’s most famed Cirque du Soleil shows. Click here to see their availability

Not fairly what you’re feather for? Click here to browse an ext Vegas hotels!

The Phoenix to ras Vegas journey doesn’t have to be a boring trek through an uninteresting desert. If you take the moment to detour native the common 93 highway route, you will find that there are numerous worthwhile stops follow me the way.

Are friend planning a Phoenix to ras Vegas roadway trip? have actually you visited any kind of of these locations before? allow us understand in the comments!