It's not really an issue or something, but this has been bugging me around for a long long time. So everytime any mod or server wants to refer to a distance in minecraft, they usually use meters, and I've always wondered what meters really are, since it doesn't make sense that 1 block is 1 cubic meter. I mean, that means that Steve is like almost 2m? Could be, but idk. I think everyone should use 'blocks' as a mesure unit. Also, I find that Minecraft is like a different world than ours, so we should keep things separated. So there's a lot more thinking into this, but just wanted to comment it really fast here. What do you think?


You know that a normal adult is almost 2m (well 1.8 for a male) right? Myself, I'm 1,95 meters tall.

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Steve is a normal height, just like he could be short.

Minecraft stuff shouldn't get mixed up with reality stuff?? So, take the dirt, grass, stone, leaves, coal, iron, gold, diamond, emeralds, apples, llamas, cows, pigs, chickens, torches, the sun, water, and lava, just to name one or two, right out of the game. We'll start there and move onto the other "reality-like" features in the upcoming weeks

Because Notch intentionally made blocks exactly 1 meter in size. You know, because every country in the world uses the metric system except the US. You know, the metric system? That thing that's been around for over 200 years? (it predates the united states by a few years).

Yes, 6 feet tall is nearly 2 meters (1.85 meters I believe).

I don't even know how to mesure in american system, I'm european. I wasn't complaining about metric system.

No thinking required. Don't care if it bugs you. I'm not going to change the way I refer to distance in minecraft because of you, nor should anyone else.

The words, block and meter are interchangeable. Get over it.

Why does it not make sense? A block being one cubic meter seems quite logical to me. The player characters were probably made 1.7m tall because that's a pretty average length for a person.

Measuring everything in feet and inches would just make things confusing for anyone outside of the half a dozen countries that use those measurements, and measuring everything in just 'blocks' wouldn't change a thing.

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Yeah, feet and inches would not be logical, but a meter just doesn't feel right imo. Why don't people use blocks instead?

I'm from Portugal lol I didn't even mention Imperial system why is everybody thinking I was talking about it? I even think that system doesn't make much sense to mesure when you have meters, kilos, etc. I just meant maybe 'blocks' was a better way to refer to distances and all of that.