“Everyday Use” focuses on the bonds between women of different generations and their enduring legacy, together symbolized in the quilts lock fashion together. This connection in between generations is strong, yet Dee’s arrival and also lack of knowledge of her background shows the those bond are delicate as well. The relationship in between Aunt Dicie and also Mama, the competent seamstresses that made the quilts, is really different from the relationship in between Maggie and also Dee, sisters that share barely a word and also have almost nothing in common. Simply as Dee cannot know the legacy of her name, passed along through 4 generations, she walk not recognize the meaning of the quilts, i beg your pardon contain swatches of apparel once worn or own by at the very least a century’s precious of ancestors.

The quilts are pieces of living history, files in cloth that chronicle the resides of the various generations and also the trials, such together war and also poverty, that they faced. The quilts serve as a testimony to a family’s history of pride and also struggle. Through the constraints that poverty and also lack of education and learning placed on her life, Mama considers her personal background one of her few treasures. Her house includes the handicrafts of her extended family. Instead of receiving a jae won inheritance from she ancestors, Mama has been given the quilts. Because that her, these objects have actually a worth that Dee, in spite of professing her desire to care for and preserve the quilts, is unable to fathom.

The Yard

Mama’s yard represents a exclusive space complimentary of the regrets and also shortcomings that have infiltrated Mama’s life. The yard shows up in the an initial and critical sentences that the story, connecting the events and also bookending the action. The yard has been meticulously ready for Dee’s arrival. Mama is perceptible to every detail of the yard’s appearance, introduce to the wavy draft she and Maggie have made in the dirt together they tidied it. Mama extols the comforts of the yard, comparing that to an extensive living room. In plenty of ways, Mama prefers the garden to the confining house, wherein the muggy air falls short to circulate freely. The outdoors is a location of freedom, whereas the internal of the residence offers restraint and discomfort. The it is too dirty discussion around who it s okay the quilts takes location inside, wherein the assorted objects provoke Dee’s desire come reconnect v her past. In contrast, the garden is a blissful escape, a place where Mama’s regrets deserve to be sidestepped. For her and also Maggie, the garden evokes safety, a location where they have the right to exert what tiny control they have over your environment.

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