There’s an ext to the cold weather than obtaining in on much more snow. As well as the nuisance of having to shovel out the driveway or adding the extra layers before heading outside, the cold wait can cause issues come our health, and also it all starts v humidity.

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During the winter we save all the doors and windows shut, turn the heaters on, and settle in for the lengthy haul. If doing all of this, it just helps produce the dry conditions we can sometimes gain inside the home which have the right to lead come dry and also irritated skin.

The reason it gets so lot drier in the winter is due to the fact that cold air no able to host in as lot moisture as warm air can. This makes it an ext likely for any moisture on her skin to conveniently evaporate back into the air, which pipeline your skin feeling drier throughout the winter months. Plus, cold sufficient air have the right to pull moisture far not just from your skin, however from her mouth and nose too, leaving her nasal passages and throat dried out. This deserve to leave room for an ext illness since there’s much less in the means preventing bacteria and germs from getting inside the nose.

Dry wait can reason health concerns that include:

Dry or irritated skinDry eye or lipsIncreased possibilities for bloody noseItchy throat, allergies, and other respiratory tract problems

A couple of tips you have the right to follow to shot and prevent the over include continuing to be hydrated, utilizing a humidifier, sealing off your residence from the outside, and moisturizing. Having just the right temperature and humidity inside the residence can also make united state feel much better both mentally and physically once we’re emotion our best.

According to phibìc Dakota State University, the ideal relative humidity for indoors is ~30 – 40%.


Check the end our an extremely own current conditions monitor we have in the weather center, showing our studio at a perfect 37% humidity. No dried hands here!


Humidity is defined as the lot of water vapor or moisture present in the air. Relative humidity tells us just how much water vapor there is in the air, loved one to how much it can actually hold. It’s expressed together a proportion or percentage.

Having 100% loved one humidity in cooler temperatures doesn’t necessarily average it feels humid and uncomfortable, since cold air can’t host as much moisture as warm air. If you desire to know how the air in reality feels you need to look in ~ the dew point. The closer the dew suggest is to the actual air temp, the an ext uncomfortable and also sticky the air feels.

MoreDew point and loved one Humidity defined: different ways of measure moisture

Check out the loved one humidity (RH) because that 2 different days the end of the year below:


The cups filled with blue water stand for how lot moisture the air deserve to hold. The air throughout the cold, winter day have the right to hold a much smaller lot of moisture 보다 the wait on the warm, summer day.

This is why the relative humidity, or RH have the right to be much higher in the cold than the warm, simply since the waiting is in ~ a greater holding capacity, where the warm air has much much more room to organize even more moisture. In various other words, that takes much less moisture because that cold waiting to end up being saturated than warmth air, i beg your pardon is why there have the right to be a greater RH throughout a cold day.Remember, greater humidity no necessarily equate to exactly how humid that feels outside.

As shortly as that exact same air is heated earlier up come room temperature within your residence the RH autumn significantly. The reduced the RH, the much more moisture the air can hold, i m sorry is why moisture can quickly evaporate off her body and ago into the waiting inside her home, wherein the humidity falls once temperature rise.

During the winter months cold, dry air from the outside can obtain inside the house. Because we warm our homes in the winter, that cold, dried air will frequently settle right into low locations of the house while the warm air rises above it. This is what can reason the home to feeling dry too.

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The belief also exists that changes in waiting pressure deserve to make her joints hurt. It’s stated that the reduced the air pressure, the an ext they have the right to hurt. Part say it’s simply a myth, but others speak it stop true, saying that reduced pressure allows much more room for tissues within the human body to expand, and also therefore put press on your joints bring about you pain.

This is why some say the they recognize when it’s going come rain as soon as they feel their joints begin to ache, or perhaps it’s simply a superstition. Does this take place to you? If so, offer us a call. You’re hired.

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory