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Lyddie feel resentful of the injustice when she is fired, but she knows that there is nothing she can do around it.

Mr. Marsden target Lyddie because she experienced him harassing Brigid and stopped him. Lyddie understands the Mr. Marsden lied about her to obtain her fired. However, she...

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Lyddie feeling resentful that the injustice as soon as she is fired, but she knows the there is naught she deserve to do about it.

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Mr. Marsden target Lyddie since she witnessed him harassing Brigid and also stopped him. Lyddie understands the Mr. Marsden lied around her to acquire her fired. However, she also knows over there is nothing she have the right to do.

When she was very first fired for “moral turpitude” she had actually no idea what the word meant. 

She turn unbelieving native one guy to the other, yet they ignored her. She combated for native to counter the drift the interview had actually taken, but what can she say? She walk not understand what turpitude was. How could she refuse something she go not even know existed? She knew what ethical was. However that didn"t help. (Ch. 21) 

It wasn’t till she gained her hands on a thesaurus that she uncovered out what she had actually been accused of. She to be shocked. Mr. Marsden claimed that she was the not ethical one, when he to be the person who had actually acted immorally. He had tried to pressure himself ~ above Lyddie. Currently he was trying to force himself on Brigid. In his mind, factory girls to be fair game since they can not defend themselves. 

Lyddie knows the she can’t perform anything about being fired. She was not given a certificate the will gain her an additional job. Basically, she has been blacklisted. No other manufacturing facility will take her, due to the fact that they will assume that she did something wrong. Lyddie go make certain that she gets earlier at Mr. Marsden and also protects Brigid native him, however. 

"I have actually here a letter i wrote. I will tell you what the says. It states ifyou reason Brigid MacBride to lose her position I will check out that your wifeis informed about what really happens in the weaving room after ~ hours." (Ch. 22) 

Lyddie takes gift fired in stride. The job meant whatever to her, yet that was earlier when she wanted to make money to assistance her family and also bring it earlier together. Now she to know that will certainly not happen, because her mom is dead and both of she living brother have basically been adopted. She plan to acquire on through her life, and also hopes to walk to college.