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‘I purchased a wedding present and some wrapping record earlier today.’‘Maria has opened her date of birth gifts and the coffee table is covered with wrapping record and the presents.’‘Rian sighed and also placed a fairly big present sheathe in silver- wrapping record back on height of the table.’‘Create your very own gift tags and use stamped brown craft document for pack paper.’‘Christmas cards and festive season wrapping paper were on sale, a sure authorize that the huge shopping spree is just approximately the corner.’‘Crafts will certainly be on sale in the craft workshop including hand-woven and knitted goods and handmade cards, wrapping record and badges.’‘Woolworths in Regent Street has actually several aisles of Christmas an option boxes, decorations and wrapping paper.’‘With more than 100 shopping job still come go, Christmas cards and also wrapping document are already on sale.’‘I have to purchase a suitable gift because that the hold child, to add card and wrapping paper.’‘In time, the pile of presents had been reduced to wrapping record and a table complete of varying things.’‘The crate was extended in wrapping paper, and it truly looked choose a existing after every that hard work.’‘Tomorrow is mine birthday and also I heard the tantalizing rustle the wrapping document this evening soon after being told to continue to be in the kitchen out of the way.’‘This appeal urgently needs wrapping file and volunteers to assist pack the presents which will certainly be shipped abroad.’‘Mice had invaded the boxes and made nests out that old shoelaces and also wrapping paper.’‘Curious, she stroked the creamy wrapping file before ripping it off to disclose a lovely black velvet book.’‘He pulled the end a small, rectangle-shaped box, covering in pink wrapping paper, v a white bow tied about it.’‘She gathered their presents from the ago of she car, two boxes with elaborate bows and also ribbons and also textured pack paper.’‘He ripped turn off the purple wrapping record and let that drop come the floor, whereupon that was assaulted by Alex"s cat, and best friend, Mookie.’‘Tossing my bags on my bed, I acquired down on my hands and knees and also found some wrapping record in a container top top the floor.’