What does Corey mean?


▼ together a girls" name (also used an ext regularly together boys" surname Corey) is express KOR-ee. That is of Old norse origin. Indigenous an English surname acquired from the Old Norse personal name Kori. Of uncertain meaning. Corrie and also Corre are Scottish surnames. Cori is additionally used as a prefix in contemporary blended names. Writer Corrie ten Boom. Also kind of Cora. Also kind of Kora.STARTS v Cor-

ASSOCIATED with norse, old, scottish, blended


VARIANTS Cory▼, Cori, Coriann, Corianne, Corie, Corri, Corrianna, Corrie▼, Corry, Cory▼, Koree, Korey, Kori▲, Korie, Korrey, Korri, Korrie, Korry, Kory

OTHER develops VIA CORI, CORRIE Cora▼, Coree, Correy, Kora

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Coro, .. (male) Coro, .. Center NAME PAIRINGSCorey Aniyah (C.A.), ..

How well-known is Corey?

Corey is a really prominent first name for females (#1379 the end of 4276, optimal 32%) and also a really prominent last name for both adults and children (#2149 the end of 150436, height 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Corey gotten in the perform in 1960-1969 and reached its height position of #621 in the U.S. In the 1980s, but is not ranked currently. (TOP infant NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Popular related develops of Corey room Cora (#73 FROM recent DATA), Cori (#1652), Corie, Corrie, Cory, Kora (#522), Kori (#734) and Korie. Fostering of these connections of Corey reached its many widespread 138 years ago (AVERAGE #1616) and also is now much lessened (#1442, ▼70%), with creates like Cory coming to be less stylish. Kora and also Kori are two the the more fashionable infant names in this compilation.

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Similar Names

Corey▼ is pronounced similarly to Cara▼, Carah, Caree, Carey▼, Cari▼, Carie▼, Caro, Carree, Carrey, Carri, Carry, Cary▼, Cora▼, Coree, Correy, Karee, Karry, Kary, Keree, Kerrey, Kerry▼ and also Kora▲. Other said similar-sounding names room Cacey, Cadey, Caley, Carel, Carely, Caren▼, Carley▼, Carly▼, Carmy, Catey, Cerea, Cherey, Codee, Codey, Cody▼, Coley, Colly, Conney, Cor, Coral, Coraly, Cordey, Cordi, Cordy, Coreen, Coren, Corene, Corin, Corlee, Corley, Corly, Corryn, Cortney▼, Coryn, Cree, Dodey, Dorey, Glorey, Jobey, Joey, Jorey, Kodey, Lorey, Lovey, Posey, Rosey, Roxey, Sokey, Tobey, Toney, Torey, Torrey and also Zooey▼. This names have tendency to be less generally used 보다 Corey.