16:11 Aug 2, 2000
English to polish translations
English hatchet or phrase: You average the human being to me.

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I do the efforts this once before and it functioned out an excellent ...so what the hell! good luck everyone
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Polish translation:Jesteś dla mnie wszystkim, jesteś dla mnie najważniejsza
Explanation:Of food this isn"t precise translation, because that would certainly sound real silly! There room no together idioms with words "world" in them. The very first means "you mean everything to me" and the second "you room the most crucial to me"...


Explanation:Of food this isn"t an exact translation, since that would certainly sound actual silly! There are no together idioms with the word "world" in them. The very first means "you mean whatever to me" and also the second "you room the most vital to me"...Jakub KosteckiPolandLocal time: 00:25

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This human being is a beer-selection.com Certified pro in English to PolishClick the red seal for much more information on what it means to it is in a beer-selection.com Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> Stanislaw Czech, MCIL: why no - because that instance: "jesteś dla mnie najważniejszy na świecie" the has world in the :) 4281 days

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