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I colori in Italiano

The major colors in Italian are:

nero / nera – blackmarrone – browngrigio / grigia – gray / greybianco / bianca – whitegiallo / giallo – yellowarancione – orangerosso / rossa – redrosa – pinkviola – purple *blu – blueazzurro / azzurra – light blueverde – green

* Viola, Violetto or Porpora?

Sometimes you will check out the shade purple incorrectly translated as porpora. This is a false frifinish and incorrect. Porpora is more of a dark red shade. The correct means to say purple is viola. Sometimes you will see the word violetto used as purple. Violetto is actually violet in Italian.

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Colors have different forms

Colors are adjectives, words that describe somepoint. Adjectives in Italian need to agree through the gender (masculine or feminine) and also number (singular or plural) of the noun.

Colors that finish in -O normally have actually a feminine develop (ending in -A). They additionally have a singular and plural develop which have to coincide through the noun (or subject).

For example, tright here are 4 creates of the shade rosso (red).

Cappello rosso – (rosso is masculine and also in singular form, simply choose the word it describes)Cappelli rossi – (rossi is masculine and also in plural form)Casa rossa – (rossa is feminine and in singular form)Case rosse – (rosse is feminine and also in plural form)

Notice exactly how the shade comes AFTER the word it defines (Noun + Adjective = Thing + Color)

The exceptions are rosa, blu and also viola which always preserve the same develop (we carry out not say roso or violo).

i guanti viola – the purple gloves

Be careful via the spelling of bianco in its 4 forms: bianco, bianca, bianchi, bianche

ESSERE + color

To say that somepoint IS a details shade, you use essere (to be) + color:

La neve è blanca – Scurrently is whiteIl cielo è azzurro – The sky is (light) blueL’erba è verde – The grass is greenL’elefante è grigio – The elephant is grey/gray

Aobtain, make certain the shade corresponds in number and also gender via the noun it describes.

Chiaro – Scuro

When we talk around colors, we can likewise encompass different tones or shades by using the complying with words:

chiaro = lightscuro = dark

Chiaro is the oppowebsite of Scuro

verde chiaro = light greenverde scuro = dark green

You will certainly alert that the words chiaro and scuro pursue the shade.

How to say Blue in Italian

For the normal blue color, the Italian word is blu (that wasn’t hard, was it?).

However, the Italian language has a word specifically offered for the shade light blueazzurro.

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The Italian nationwide football team is well-known as Gli Azzurri from the conventional colour of Italian national groups and athletes representing Italy.