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In the Greek language, tbelow are certain phrases that are thought about to be vital. At the top of your list of Greek vocabulary to learn need to be the various methods for greeting somebody in Greek. As is the case in the English language, tbelow are many type of different ways to express this concept.

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Tbelow are certain etiquette rules in Greece that should be followed when greeting someone. You have the right to simply usage these words of greeting to say hello to someone you understand. You deserve to also use these words to greet someone you don’t recognize, or to say hello to someone as you enter a building, such as shop, museum, restaurant, or cafe.

You can sindicate usage the Greek word for “hello” (γεια σας – ya sas) to greet someone. However before, if it is the late afternoon or the evening, you might choose to use various words. Here’s even more information about this:

Saying Good Evening and also Goodnight in the Greek Language

The words for “great evening” and also “goodnight” in the language are entirely different because they express different ideas and also are supplied in entirely different situations.

Good Evening

Here’s a look at exactly how to say “Good Evening” in Greek:

Good Evening – Καλό απόγευμα – kalo apoyevma

This phrase is mainly used as both a greeting as a method to take your leave of someone. It is provided anytime in the evening and some human being also use it in the late afternoon.


Here’s a look at how to say “Goodnight” in Greek:

Goodnight – καληνυχτα – kali nichta

This expression is virtually never offered as a greeting. It just seemed to be used at the finish of the night and also you are taking your leave of someone. For instance, as a restaurant or store closes and you are leaving, it is customary to say “goodnight”. If the intent is to leave at the finish of the day and go residence, this is the phrase to use. It is likewise what is generally said to someone as they are about to go to sleep for the evening.

Both of these phrases are used in the same way as they are in the English language. For the most part, they are provided interchangeably.

When trading to Greece, the words for Good Evening (Καλό απόγευμα) and Goodnight (καληνυχτα) are ones that you have to recognize and understand also. If you require more information and explanation about this, please consult via a qualified Greek teacher.

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The Discover Greek area on beer-selection.com was written by Greeks to help people understand the conversational basics of the Greek language. This short article is not a substitute for a skilled Greek learning program, yet a beneficial resource for world wanting to learn basic interaction in Greek.