The swarms of eastern Florida and West Florida continued to be loyal to the British during the battle for American independence, but by the contract of Paris in 1783 they returned to Spanish control. After 1783, Americans immigrants moved into West Florida.

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In 1810, this American settlers in West Florida rebelled, heralding independence indigenous Spain. Chairman James Madison and also Congress used the occurrence to claim the region, knowing complete well that the Spanish government was seriously weakened by Napoleon’s invasion of Spain. The unified beer-selection.coms asserted that the section of West Florida native the Mississippi to the Perdido rivers was part of the Louisiana purchase of 1803. Negotiations over Florida started in earnest v the mission the Don louis de Onís to Washington in 1815 to satisfy Secretary that James Monroe. The concern was not resolved until Monroe was president and also John Quincy Adams his Secretary of Although U.S. Spanish relationships were strained over suspicions the American support for the freedom struggles of Spanish-American colonies, the case became an essential when general Andrew Jackson seized the Spanish forts at Pensacola and also St. Marks in his 1818 authorized raid against Seminoles and also escaped slaves who were perceived as a danger to Georgia. Jackson executed two British citizens on dues of inciting the Indians and runaways. Monroe’s federal government seriously considered denouncing Jackson’s actions, yet Adams safeguarded the Jackson citing the need to restrain the Indians and escaped slaves because the Spanish failed to perform so. Adams additionally sensed the Jackson’s Seminole project was famous with Americans and also it strengthened his diplomatic hand v Spain.

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Adams provided the Jackson’s military action to present Spain with a need to either regulate the residents of eastern Florida or cede it come the united beer-selection.coms. Minister Onís and also Secretary Adams reached an agreement by which Spain delivered East Florida come the unified beer-selection.coms and also renounced all case to West Florida. Spain obtained no compensation, but the joined beer-selection.coms i agree to i think liability because that $5 million in damage done through American citizens that rebelled against Spain. Under the Onís-Adams contract of 1819 (also referred to as the Transcontinental Treaty and ratified in 1821) the united beer-selection.coms and also Spain defined the western borders of the Louisiana Purchase and Spain surrendered its claims to the Pacific Northwest. In return, the united beer-selection.coms known Spanish sovereignty end Texas.