Study, Play, and also Breath these terms. We require a ninety on the next exam. The advancement of society in ancient Greece.

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Greek poet who composed the lliad and the Odyssey. The is likewise blind therefore he used his oral and touch senses.
The Greeks had easy accessibility to the sea. They ended up being excellent sailors. Trade ended up being important because Greece had few natural resources. For this reason their sea trading. Taking advantage of what they carry out have!
Mycenaeans were influenced by the Minoans v the borrowing obtained from the Minoan culture of Crete. They adjusted the Minoan kind of writing and artistic design. The Mycenaeans additionally became interested in trade. With that one have the right to infer that cultural diffusion evolved.
Homer kept Greek society alive under the Dorians by documenting Greek history, in epic poems, such as the lliad and also the Odyssey, in which he spoke of the Trojan War.
Powerful leader who gained manage of a city-state"s government by asking the common people for support
Athens was no a complete government for females were not enabled to vote, servants weren"t permitted to vote, males who execute not very own land execute not vote, women cannot host high location or stood for in government.
The Greeks beat the Persians in both wars and also thus avoided being took in into the Persian Empire.
What criter in art, politics, literature, and philosophy were set during Greeks golden Age? ( AIM)
.During the Greek gold Age, standards in art, politics,literature ,and viewpoint were collection .The Greeks has an excellent works the literature, for instance the sacred text well-known as "" The Republic"" which was composed by Plato.Greece additionally had great works through national politics under Pericles rule, together the type of federal government known as ""direct democracy"" was established. Furthermore, the Greeks had an amazing standard in art v the development of classic art. Of the finest glories the this classification is the Parthenon- i m sorry was developed to honor the goddess Athena. Moreover, approach of greece was illustrated at a good state with the an extremely known numbers such as Socrates, Plato, and also Aristotle.
Pericles" three key goals because that Athens to be to make Athens much much more democratic through direct democracy. Another goal to be to do Athens more powerful by structure up Athens" navy. It became the strongest in the Mediterranean. An additional goal was to do Athens beautiful v the intake of used from the empire to to buy gold, ivory, and also marble. He helped fund good works the art.
This holy place was constructed to honor the goddess Athena. The is a masterpiece that art. Like other buildings and sculptures in Greece, it is an instance of classic art. It shows order, balance, and proportion. Goddess that war and wisdom.
The reason of Greek comedies deserve to be articulated regarding the do of laughs about important ideas.Such performances confirmed that Athens to be a totally free and open up society.

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The result of the Peloponnesian war was the shed of the empire of the Athens. Ultimately, the Athenians shed the war versus the Spartans.