After Johnny\"s death and Dally\"s departure, Ponyboy wanders v the hospital\"s halls in a daze. Pony is in denial around Johnny\"s death, and keeps repeating that he isn\"t dead. He leaves the hospital and roams the roadways until a stranger picks him up and drives that home.

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Upon getting here home, Pony tells the rest of the gang around Johnny\"s death and everyone is silent. The phone rings, and also the speak to is from Dally. He states that he has just robbed a grocery store and he needs someplace come hide out. The gang members agree to meet at the vacant lot.

They race to the lot to the accompaniment the sirens wailing in the streets. Anyone reaches the lot at the same time: Dally, the gang, and also the police. Together Dally stands in a one of light under a street lamp, that pulls the end his gun. Pony knows the it isn\"t loaded and he realizes that Dally knows that, yet the police don\"t. Dally desires to die, and also he it s okay his wish. The is gunned under as his corridor watches, discovering that Dally constantly gets what he wants and also this time Dally wants to be dead.

As these events are happening, Pony\"s problem is worsening. He deserve to barely run to the lot and his vision is shifting in and also out that focus. Ponyboy collapses in ~ the lot, together his brothers and gang sirloin to help him.

The following thing Pony remembers is waking up in ~ home. That doesn\"t remember being in the hospital or being unconscious for three days, however he walk remember that both Johnny and Dally are dead. Darry tells him the he has actually been suffering from exhaustion, shock, and also a minor concussion. The concussion come from the rumble once a Soc had kicked the in the head.

Gone through the Wind is lie on the table. Darry speak him the Johnny had instructed the nurse to provide the publication to Pony. Every Pony deserve to think around are the southern gentlemen that were going turn off to specific death in the war — just like Dally. Pony vows never to complete the book.

Soda and Darry invest every minute by Pony\"s bedside. They space as worn down as Pony. The future for all three is uncertain. Pony has actually missed a many school, he has missed track, and the hazard of being placed in a boys\" home is still a really real possibility.


Dally\"s death forces reader to take one more serious look at themes that are critical to expertise the novel.

One essential theme is the development of household relationships. In this chapter, Pony is involved that he may have only called for Soda, not for Darry, while he was sick and also barely conscious. Finally, Soda eases his concerns with assurance that he go ask for Darry.

Early in the book, Pony believed that Darry didn\"t even like him, much less need him together a brother. After ~ the fire at the church, when Pony was rejoined with Darry, Pony lastly saw Darry for what he really is: a caring brother who loves him, has actually sacrificed a great deal for him, and also has excellent his best to parental him. Due to the fact that the killing of Bob, the flight from the law, and also other events, Pony has arisen greater maturity and a wider perspective. He is now less self-absorbed, and also he is upset when he thinks the he may have hurt Darry\"s feel by not calling because that him.

The problem of who is one insider and who is one outsider is another important theme. Just how readers and the novel\"s characters interpret Dally\"s fatality is entirely dependent on perspective. Because that example, Ponyboy says, \"Two friend of mine had died that night; one a hero, the various other a hoodlum.\" readers are required to examine the question, who is the hero and also who is the hoodlum?

Johnny did conserve the kids from the burn church, however he would never have been there in the very first place if he hadn\"t to be on the run. Did he kill Bob just to save Ponyboy and himself, or to be the death a self-fulfilling prophecy? approximately four months ago, the Socs had actually badly beaten Johnny and also he had actually vowed the \"He would kill the next human who jumped him.\" Hinton is mindful not to judge Johnny, deciding instead to leave the decision to the readers.

Dally did rob a grocery store store and also take the police on a chase that ended in his being shot. However, previously in the book, Dally had risked going to jail self in stimulate to assist Johnny and also Pony when they to be fleeing native the law. And Dally did conserve Pony from specific death by pulling him out of the burning church. He also risked an individual injury to walk in after ~ Johnny, and pulled that out as well. Even the papers thought about him a hero. Note, too, that Dally was always Johnny\"s hero.

Pony is only beginning to type out his feelings about the gallantry or futility of the deaths of his two friends. That is in denial, and in this chapter, he frequently reminds himself not to think about Johnny and also Dally. This battle is made clean by his attitude toward the Gone v the Wind novel that Johnny has left him: \"I didn\"t desire to complete it. I\"d never obtain past the component where the southern gentlemen go riding into sure death because they room gallant.\"

When Pony and also Johnny were analysis the novel if hiding in the church, Johnny had been impressed with the gallantry that the southerly gentlemen as they faced certain death in battle. The southerly gentlemen had actually reminded Johnny that Dally. Now, Ponyboy photos the southern gentlemen looking favor both Johnny and Dally. And then he tells himself, \"Don\"t remember. Don\"t try to decide which one passed away gallant.\"

Dally\"s dying in a one of irradiate is strongly symbolic. Irradiate is often associated with enlightenment. Dally knew what he wanted after the death of Johnny: He wanted to die. He traction an unloaded total in order to pressure the police come shoot him.

The reality that his gang witnessed the death of their second gang member in one day argues that possibly the circle of light was for them. The light allowed them to vividly watch Dally\"s death, offering them the chance to think about whether they, too, want to die, together Pony says of Dally, \"violent and young and also desperate.\" Johnny believed Dally to be the gallant southerly gentleman. And also maybe that was; perhaps by his dying, he showed his friends another way to live.


stupor a state in which the mind and also senses are dulled; partial or complete loss of sensibility, as from the use of a narcotic or from shock.

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indignant feeling or expressing fury or scorn, specifically at unjust, mean, or ungrateful action or treatment.