New come the BB universe, I've only seen the very first 3 seasons. Very aware that the totality of Season 2 isn't canon. Never ever read the manga, so maybe contracts are better explained there. I'm just curious....

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How the hell go Ciel get to come to be a demon after ~ Alois contained that in his contract with Hannah? i don't understand just how that would also be thing. A demon have the right to just make somebody into a demon? Wat?


That entirety season makes 0 sense. I would recommend forgetting it and enjoy the various other seasons/ OVAs/movies/manga. You'll get a much an ext cohesive story the way

Seconding this. I reap demon Ciel in fanfic, but fanfic tends to to fill in the gaps the present left. The manga and also OVA's neglect it, which is because that the finest when it concerns the overall canon.

The only faustian contract we have seen so far in the manga canon is the one in between Ciel and also Sebastian and also it will certainly probably finish like the scene during the green Witch Arc, whereby Sebastian intended to eat Ciels soul to wake him up from his anxiety paralysis.

After Ciel gained his revenge versus who ever before he thinks is responsible because that the shed of his family, he will certainly be consumed by Sebastian and also is most likely going to suffer eternal pain. That would certainly be too easy for my taste and I i think there will be a surprise close to the finish to freckles this predictable finishing up.

Most of season 1 isn't canon either. What you're phone call 'season 3' (circus arc) is simply an man arc i beg your pardon should occur after the curry arc in season 1. Forget all of it, the manga canon story is 10000000x better. Therefore after curry arc -> circus arc -> Sherlock arc ('season 4') -> Campania (i.e. Fake Titanic) arc (should be coming out later this year).

The Campania arc shows Ciel's contract v Sebastian appropriately for the an initial time. Know that that made just 3 requests, but I'm walk to make you wait until it comes the end to tell you.

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Or just read the manga and wait for nothing! mwa ha ha (until you catch up the is ;) )


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