When it comes to designing her pool, there are a couple key determinants that you need to decide top top while choosing your swimming pool kit. One of those vital factors is how high you’d like your wall panels to be: 42" or 48"?

To aid you decide what’s ideal for your pool requirements we’ll sheathe the key differences between the two heights here!

42” PANELS come standard in our pool kits. Thiswall height creates a classic 3’4” shallowend depth i beg your pardon is frequently preferred for younger kids or inexperienced swimmers. Based on the swimming pool bottom of her choice, there can be a steeper fall off between the shallow and deep end of your pool.

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48” PANELS are an ext popular through older kids and adults as this height offers a depth shallow finish depth the 3’10”; perfect for swimming pool sports, such together volleyball or water polo! The 48” panel also creates a deep finish with a less far-ranging slope shift and is more secure for diving pools.


In the diagram below, the 42" dashboard is shown by the dotted line and the 48" panel is illustrated by the solid line.


The 48" panel uses a an ext ideal water level so that standing in the shallow finish is an enjoyable hangout area for adult while 42” supplies a more secure swimming area for small children ~ above inexperience swimmers.

Due come the 6" of added depth, you can see the the slope bring about the hopper (deep end bottom) is much more gradual 보다 in a 42" wall pool. Therefore, the 48” panel provides a much safer diving pool by offering additional an are for a diver come arc and also surface with less risk that running right into the bottom the the pool.


While the panels room 42” and also 48” in length, this will certainly not it is in the final depth of her shallow end. Store in mind that 2” of those panels will be spanned by your swimming pool base pre-mix and also your water line generally falls in between 4-6 inches listed below the top of her panel. Therefore, your shallow end’s last depth will be together follows:

42” panel = shallow finish a depth that 34”-36”48” panel = shallow finish a depth the 40”-42”

We additionally offer custom wall surface heights too (up come 60”)! NOTE: the taller the wall, the greater the
water level in the shallow end.

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Overall, over there is no best or not correct answer when selecting the size of your wall panels. Below are some questions to ask the may assist make the best decision based turn off of the intended use of your pool!

Who will be making use of this pool?Younger/Inexperienced Swimmers? – 42” is more idealTeenagers/Adults/Sports Lovers? – 48” is much more ideal48” is preferable for most water sportsDo you desire a diving board?48” is the safer option for divers


Regardless that the size of the wall panels you decide for her pool, constantly remember to havesafetyfirst in mind specifically with children and also family pets.

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