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Septic tank size specifications & requirements: how big should the septic tank be? Given dimensions, what is the septic tank size or capacity in gallons?We begin with a table showing the required septic tank capacity or size vs. septic system usage in daily wastewater volume or flow.Next we provide required septic tank size based on the number of bedrooms in a building - presumably the number of occupants. Then we explain how to calculate septic tank volume or capacity based on septic tank inside dimensions measured in feet or inches how to convert between cubic feet or cubic inches and gallons of capacity. We include tables of typical septic tank size dimensions and capacities for concrete septic tanks, plastic or fiberglass septic tanks & steel septic tanks. How to calculate septic tank capacity are explained.We also provide an ARTICLE INDEX for this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Tables, Codes & Calculations of Required Septic Tank SizeHow big does our septic tank need to be? Typically the septic tank volume for a conventional tank and onsite effluent disposal system (such as a drainfield) is estimated at a minimum of 1000 gallons or 1.5 x average total daily wastewater flow. Here we also discuss the smallest recommended septic tank sizes based on building occupancy or wastewater volume. One should also ask, how does weather affect the necessary septic tank size?

Table of Required Septic Tank Size Based on Daily Waste-Water Volume in GallonsAverage Sewage WastewaterFlow - Gallons Per DayMinimum Septic Tank Size in Gallonsof Effective Capacity Needed (1) 0-500 gpd 900 gals601-7001200801-90015001001-124019002001-250032004501-50005800

Notes to Table Above (1) Source: Florida ASHI Seminar, Kissimmee, October 1993, included sheet from Environmental Health Services, March 17, 1992.Some intermediate table entries were eliminated but can be recalculated by interpolationIn most U.S. jurisdictions we surveyed, the minimum permitted tank size for new septic installations is 1000 gallons. Special site considerations may require design by a septic-engineer before local health departments can approve an installation.WATER USAGE TABLE provides companion data if you don"t already know your daily wastewater volumeThis table is for sizing residential septic tanks.Separately, COMMERCIAL SEPTIC DESIGN discusses commercial septic tank and drainfield sizing based on wastewater flow estimates. There we also include excerpts from the EPA Design Manual"s discussion of how a septic tank size should be determined, including safety factors but balancing design capacity safety with avoiding unnecessarily high costs.Table of Required Septic Tank Size Based on Number of Bedrooms in a HomeHow big does our septic tank need to be based on the number of bedrooms in the home? Some jurisdictions use the number of bedrooms rather than number of occupants or estimated daily wastewater flow to guide homeowners and septic installers in choosing a septic tank size.

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Septic Tank in Gallons Size Based on Number of Bedrooms Number of bedrooms Minimum Septic Tank Capacity (Gallons) Minimum Septic Tank Liquid Surface Area (sq.ft.)0 bedrooms750 gal. (2) - obsolete in NYS 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms 1,000 gallons 27 sq.ft. 4 bedrooms1,200 gallons34 sq.ft. 5 bedrooms 1,500 gallons 40 sq.ft. 6 bedrooms 1,750 gallons 47 sq.ft.

How to Calculate the Septic Tank Capacity in GallonsRound Septic Tanks

3.14 x radius squared x depth (all in feet) = cubic capacity.

Cubic capacity x 7.5 = gallons capacity.

Rectangular Septic TanksLength x Width x Depth in feet x 7.5 = gallonsRectangular Septic Tanks(alternative method 1)

Length x width in inches / 231 = gallons per inch of septic tank depth.

Multiply this number by septic tank depth in inches to get gallons

Rectangular Septic Tanks(alternative method 2)Length x Width x Depth in feet / .1337 = gallons

Notes to the table above

These simple constants and the formula for the volume of a rectangular or round tank will help us convert any septic tank size in cubic feet to gallons of wastewater:

One gallon = 0.1337 cubic feet. One gallon = 231 cubic inches 1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons Volume of a rectangle = Length x Width x Depth Volume of a cylinder = Pi x radius2 x depth where radius = half the diameter SEPTIC & SEWAGE TREATMENT CODES & REFERENCES U.K. OFF-GRID SEPTIC REGULATIONS & SEWAGE SYSTEMS U.S. SEPTIC AUTHORITIES & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS SEPTIC & SEWAGE TREATMENT REGULATIONS, OTHER SEPTIC INSPECTION & TEST LAWS & PROCEDURES SEPTIC TANK DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS - example code specifying septic tank design parameters SEPTIC TANK DESIGN STRENGTH SPECS - the required strength of construction of septic tank & cesspool covers, walls, sides, bottoms

Reader Q&A - also see the FAQs series linked-to below

beer-selection.com.moderator, Hhmm, seems someone must’ve told me I needed a garbage disposal if I added a dishwasher. Likely that was bad info. Since I’ve never had one, I’m definitely not sure. Good to hear that maybe I don’t need one. As far as the other factors, I had hoped the previous testing records I attached below would give the info needed to advise

. I read through all the info posted on page last night and I think it looks to be a sufficient system to support the accessory dwelling. Just wanted your input to make sure I’m interpreting the info correctly. Thanks again for your help. I’ve been trying to reach the right person at the county environmental Dept.

All week and haven’t been able to connect to get answers based on existing records or determine if a new site survey will be needed. Appreciate any interim guidance while I continue to try to reach them.

Kristen, I"m unclear why a dishwasher requires a garbage disposer. I commented earlier on the drainfield size; Size alone means too little; it"s soil perc rate and drainfield age, condition, maintenance history; and perhaps the result of a SEPTIC LOADING & DYE TEST (try the on page search box)


Maybe this will help? Lot 27 details

beer-selection.com.moderator, Yes, that what I’m having trouble discerning. Tank size seems sufficient based on table. Drain field seems huge. At least a 1/4 acre. See image.

Kristen, Take a look at the septic tank sizing table above on this page. Remember that"s only telling you tank size. The drain field size that you have may be inadequate. That answer depends on the soil percolation rate at your site.

Also, I may need to add a garbage disposal since I plan to have dishwasher installed. In case that needs to be factored in. Thanks in advance for assistance. Kristen


I have a 4 br 2 ba home and am wanting to add an accessory dwelling with a kitchenette and bathroom w/shower. My existing system was installed in late 80s. At that time it was inspected/permitted for a 4 br home with 17-18 fixtures.

Codes have changed since then and I’m having trouble determining if my existing system will be sufficient to support adding the accessory dwelling.

Records from permitting and inspections indicate I have a 1000 gal + 1000 gal sump and 700’ + pump. Assuming the county will consider the accessory dwelling as a 5th bedroom, is my existing system sufficient? I’m in NC if that helps. Class II-III soil.

Mike, Please take a look in ~ COMMERCIAL SEPTIC DESIGN https://beer-selection.com/septic/Commercial_Septics.phns And don"t hesitate to post further comments or questions as needed

Hi, I"m from South Africa. Got a factory with 70 staff and 10 toilets and 5 basins. What size would my septic tank have to be? Regards Mike

Anonymous, See the septic tank sizing table above on this page that uses number of bedrooms

rv trailer 2 adults and one child

Frank, Please view https://beer-selection.com/septic/Commercial_Septics.phns COMMERCIAL SEPTIC DESIGN

Whats the size of septic tank needed for 250 persons in and out...?

Christy, You will want to update your daily Wastewater flow based on the anticipated usage of your bathrooms and then look at the septic tank size tables given above on this web page

what"s the size of a septic tank needed for a 8 bathrooms attached hospital

Haley, The smallest residential septic tank size permitted by building officials in most communities is 1000 gallons - but your local building or health or plumbing department is, of course, the final legal authority to answer that question. Septic tanks do not "overflow" and there is no "overflow size" but I suspect you meant to refer to the require soil absorption system or drainfield or soakaway into which clarified effluent, leaving the septic tank, is absorbed and treated. There is no single "right answer" to the minimum drainfield size as the size depends on both the average daily wastewater flow volume AND on the soil"s ability to absorb effluent - which varies enormously by location. See those details at SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SIZE https://beer-selection.com/septic/Septic-Drainfield-Size.php And don"t hesitate to post follow-up questions if any of that is unclear

Hi, what is the standard size for a septic tank & overflow for sep up system for a maximum of two person thanks?

Jennifer, no one can give a confident, correct answer to your question without more information, for example, soil percolation rate, drainfield size, tank size; surely you had a septic engineer design the system based on loading volumes and site characteristics?

Jennifer, Above on this page in the table titled Table of Required Septic Tank Size Based on Daily Waste-Water Volume in Gallons

you will see that a 1000 gallon capacity septic tank can support 1900 gallons of daily wastewater flow. In the alternative table Septic Tank in Gallons Size Based on Number of Bedrooms you will see that a 4 bedroom house wants a 1,200 gallon septic tank or larger. I am treating your 3rd 500 gallon tank as a pumping chamber so am not counting it in capacity - but that" s a question to review with your septic engineer. The concept is that we need a sufficient septic tank volume to allow sufficient settlement time that we don"t push solids out into the drainfield (destroying it).

I am buying a home with 2-500 gallons and 1-500 gallon pump tank.

The house size is 2543, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it also has a seperate appartment that is 702 sq ft, 1 bedroom, kitchen, 1 bathroom. Is this septic system big enough?

Ferdinand, The septic tank size won"t get us to a working septic system to support 100 people. Take a look at COMMERCIAL SEPTIC DESIGN https://beer-selection.com/septic/Commercial_Septics.php and at SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS, RESIDENTIAL https://beer-selection.com/septic/Packaged-Cluster-Septic-Systems.php You"ll see that the real rub is how to dispose of the volume of effluent or wastewater. That"s why none of the residential or even commercial septic design articles in this series simply give a tank size for large numbers of people.

How big should be the septic tank that is to be used by 100 people

That"s a bit deeper than we usually see for a residential septic tank - but the depth isn"t the whole question; it"s overall tank shape - see the tank size tables above on this page where septic tank shape and dimensions are included.

can I use a a 12 ft deep tank for septic tank

I"m purchasing a 4 bedroom house in Wisconsin and we are scheduled to close early next week. I will be the only person living in the house. I just found out the septic tank is a 1,000 gallon concrete tank and the septic permit was for a 2 bedroom house. The inspector recommended installing a 1,500 gallon plastic tank to the tune of $15,000. Is this something I need to worry about?

Relatively shallow septic tanks may get local approval, but in my view there isca significant risk of early drainfield failure as shsllow depth, further reduced by sludge and scum layers means inadequate settling time in the tank.

Inadequate settling time means pushing solids into and thus damaging the absorption field or drainfield.

Can you use a square tank84”x84”x39”deep concrete tank as a septank if you have all the hooks for it

HelenThere is no single right answer to your question about lid size required for a 250-gallon septic tank because tank dimensions vary all over the place.ButWatch out: there is no 250-gallon septic tank that can be legal, code-approved, nor that will work properly for any normal building connection or use. It is considerably too small. The result is that your tiny 250-gallon septic tank will remain agitated and will push solids into the drainfield and will quickly destroy it. That leads to discharge of sewage pathogens into your local ground, groundwater, lakes, streams, and potentially your own drinking water.

What size lid would I need for a 250 gallon septic tank you

CertIf you want to size the septic tank based on water usage take a look

at AVERAGE DAILY WATER USAGE for some reasonable estimates.then come back to the septic sizing tables on this page

I have 4 bathrooms, with 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 shower in each. And 3 washing machine boxes What size of septic tank do you recommend.

GarethFor a usage at that level I think you"re going to want to look at a mini-onsite wastewater treatment system - of which a packaged unit may work;

The issue isn"t just the size of the tank (no conventional septic tank would be big enough to give enough settling time) it"s the problem of how to handle the wastewater volume.Take a look atSEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS, RESIDENTIAL

Hi Folks,Detailed article and most helpful - just looking for some feedback/ideas on a suitable system for a 2 Acre campsite (max 30 pitches per acre/60 pitches total - lets say an average of 2 per pitch therefore upto 120 people) plus also a cafe that seats 36 inside and an additional 28 outside (when sunny!)System would be seasonal - quiet in winter but during weekends/holidays/summer months can be extremely busy.Any thoughts/ideas welcome and unfortunately cannot use soakaway/cesspit so must be a treatment plant (but struggling to size it)Thanks in advance :)G

looking for 60in. rond septic tank lids

gmail.com - computation of septic tank capacity per personplease provide proper computation of septic tank capacity per personThis question and answer were posted originally at SEPTIC TANK PUMPING MISTAKES

Not in any useful nor effective method A water tank is the wrong shape, lacks the appropriate access connections for clean-out or connections to the Sewer Inlet or a fluid outlet, and by virtually all contemporary standards 550 gal would be too small. A water tank is also not designed to be buried nor withstand corrosion, earth pressure Etc. It"s a great question but IMO not a great idea. Can a 550 gal water tank be used as septic tankEmile: Regarding your question of treatment of urine and water mixture, I can"t answer without knowing the intended application.Normally urine and other wastewater flows either into a public sewer and on to a sewage treatment plant or into a private septic system where the wastewater in a conventional system is treated by bacteria in the septic tank (45%) and by both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the soil of the soakaway bed (55%). Aerobic septics and other designs treat wastewater to different levels at different states of the process. Still other systems may use a disinfection step combining UV light or chlorine injection. But ultimately the septic system components that dispose of wastewater effluent have to be able to do that effectively in the available space.
Emile, The volume of a septic tank is calculated based on the shape of the tank - calculating the volume of a rectangular shape Vol = L x W x H or for a cylindrical shape the formula and examples are at CALCULATE SEPTIC TANK CAPACITY - compute required septic tank capacity based on its dimensions The actual volume of wastewater in a properly-working rectangular septic tank is easier to calculate than a cylindrical one since we have to consider just the volume of the container up to the bottom of the outlet pipe. If you want to calculate just the "liquid" volume of the septic tank you need to measure the current thickness of the floating scum layer and bottom sludge layer and thus to subtract those from the first volume that you calculated. The "freeboard" in the septic tank has to be the volume between the bottom of the septic tank outlet pipe (assuming again a properly-working septic system with no blockages in the outlet or drainfield) and the top of the septic tank baffle or tee. That"s because any depths higher than the tee top mean that the outlet is blocked and the system is not working normally.

...Continue readingat SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SIZE or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX.Or see SEPTIC TANK SIZE FAQs - questions & answers about septic tank size posted originally on this page. Or see these Septic Tank Types - Articles COMMERCIAL SEPTIC DESIGNSEPTIC DRAINFIELD LOCATION for help in finding an existing septic soakaway bed, leach field or drainfield SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SIZE SEPTIC TANK, HOW TO FIND SEPTIC TANKS, CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS, FIBERGLASS / PLASTIC SEPTIC TANKS HOME MADE SITE BUILT SEPTIC TANK LEVELS of SEWAGE SEPTIC TANK PUMPING SCHEDULE SEPTIC TANK SIZE SEPTIC TANKS, STEELSuggested citation for this web pageSEPTIC TANK SIZE at beer-selection.com - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice.

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