Cold, hunger, and also sickness significant the continent Army"s stay at Valley build in Pennsylvania. Today, sink Forge"s wide fields are dotted through revolutionary relics, reminders that the brutal winter withstood by Washington"s troops.

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American spirits got to a low allude during the harsh winter that 1777-78.

British troops had marched triumphantly right into Philadelphia the vault autumn. Philadelphia was the largest city in the Colonies and also the chair of politics power. After the british swept right into Philadelphia, the continental Congress had actually flee to west, very first to Lancaster then to York.

Valley Forge

Washington"s army had spent the summer the 1777 fighting a wire of losing battles. The americans harassed the British military in skirmishes and minor battles for much of the fighting season. In the fall, the Americans showed pluck at the battle of Brandywine in September and also the fight of Germantown in October. However the Americans to be unable to store the British out of Philadelphia.

In December, Washington marched his tired, beaten, hungry and sick army to valley Forge, a location around 20 mile northwest that British-occupied Philadelphia. From valley Forge, Washington might keep an eye on general Howe"s British army ensconced in Philadelphia.


At sink Forge, there were shortages of whatever from food to apparel to medicine. Washington"s guys were ailing from disease, hunger, and also exposure. The Continental army camped in crude log in cabins and endured cold conditions while the Redcoats warmed themselves in colonial homes. The patriots go hungry when the british soldiers ate well.

Terms the enlistment were ending for plenty of soldiers in Washington"s army. The basic wondered if that would even have an military left once the feather thaw lastly arrived.

Washington under Siege

Great events generate good legends. Did an Oneida woman named Polly Cooper, yes, really ease the experiencing of Washington and his troops at valley Forge? chroniclers may never recognize for sure, however the legend resides on.

General Washington was upset that regional farmers were hoarding much-needed food wait to earn greater profits in the spring. Some farmers even sneaked grain into Philadelphia to feed the brothers army, that paid in gold or silver. Through each happen night came more desertions. Washington flourished privately disgusted in ~ the absence of appointment of his so-called patriot fighters.

Then there to be the grumbling of part in congress and amongst some that Washington"s own officers. Washington"s leadership skills were open minded questioned. Many said basic Horatio entrances was better-suited to top the army. After all, hadn"t he score a major victory in October in ~ the battle of Saratoga.? within the setting of cold, deprivation, and rebellion, how long can Washington and his military endure?

Conditions at sink Forge

Head Quarters, sink Forge, February 16, 1778

Dear Sir: that is with great reluctance, i trouble you on a subject, which go not autumn within your province; however it is a subject that occasions me much more distress, 보다 I have felt, because the beginning of the war; and which loudly demands the most zealous exertions the every human of weight and authority, that is interested in the success of ours affairs. I average the existing dreadful situation of the military for want of provisions, and the miserable prospects prior to us, v respect come futurity. The is much more alarming than you will most likely conceive, for, to form a simply idea, that were necessary to be on the spot. For some days past, there has been small less, 보다 a scarcity in camp. A component of the army has to be a week, without any type of kind that flesh, and also the remainder for 3 or four days. Naked and also starving together they are, us cannot enough admire the incomparable patience and fidelity the the soldiery, that they have not been ere this excited by your sufferings, come a basic mutiny or dispersion. Strong symptoms, however, discontent have showed up in particular instances; and nothing but the many acitive efforts every where have the right to long avert so shocking a catastrophe.

Our existing sufferings are not all. There is no foundation laid for any type of adequate relief hereafter. Every the magazines detailed in the says of brand-new Jersey, Pensylvania, Delaware and also Maryland, and all the immediate added supplies castle seem capable of affording, wil not be adequate to support the army more than a month longer, if for this reason long. Very tiny been excellent to the Eastward, and also as tiny to the Southward; and whatever we have a best to intend from those quarters, should necessarily be an extremely remote; and is indeed much more precarious, than can be wished. Once the forementioned provides are exhausted, what a terrible crisis must ensue, unless all the energy of the Continent is exerted to provide a timely remedy?

Impressed v this idea, i am, on my part, putting every engine to work, the I deserve to possibly think of, to prevent the fatal consequences, we have so an excellent a factor to apprehend. I am phone call upon all those, who stations and also influence allow them to add their assist upons so important an occasion; and also from your famous zeal, I suppose every point within the compass of her power, and that the abilities and resources that the state over which friend preside, will certainly admit. I am wise of the disadvantages the labours under, from having been so long the step of war, and that it need to be exceedingly drained by the an excellent demands come which it has been subject. But, tho" you may not be able to contribute materially come our relief, you have the right to perhaps carry out something towards it; and any assistance, but trifling in itself, will certainly be of good moment in ~ so an important a juncture, and also will conduce to maintaining the army together till the Commissary"s department can be placed upon a far better footing, and also effectual steps concerted to secure a permanent and competent supply. What approaches you have the right to take, you will be the ideal judge of; but, if you have the right to devise any method to procure a amount of cattle, or other kind the flesh, because that the usage of this army, come be at camp in the course of a month, you will certainly render a most essential service to the common cause. I have the honor etc.

– George Washington, letter to George Clinton (Feb. 16, 1778)

These cabins may appear sturdy from the outside, however a closer look reveals their sparse and makeshift character. Imagine resting on among those bunk beds.

Help come in the form of a Prussian volunteer, Baron von Steuben. The military leader to be aghast at the absence of American discipline. At Washington"s urging the trained the continental Army, Prussian-style. The troops slowly became much more professional. Among the soldiers who remained, trust grew.

Over the food of the winter, the weather boosted somewhat. Food trickled in native the neighboring countryside. Many wives that soldiers spent time in ~ Valley create over the winter. Washington was able to quash those who questioned his leadership abilities.

The Continental army encamped at Valley create in the loss of 1777 with about 12,000 males in that is ranks. Death claimed around a quarter of them before spring arrived. An additional thousand didn"t reenlist or deserted. However the army that stayed was stronger. They to be fewer, but an ext disciplined. They to be weary, yet firmly resolved.

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The following year, 1778, brought greater fortune come the American cause. While Washington froze at valley Forge, Benjamin Franklin was liven securing the French alliance. Currently the war would be different indeed.