Last month we moved out of ours 4,000 sq. Ft. House—it’s the quintessential “perfect” home that us forever dreamy of having. It to be the house we built, and the one we never thought we’d want to relocate away from.

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In the last three years of our life, things have changed. Ironically, that’s about how long earlier I produced No Sidebar. We have actually felt the convictions (and anxieties) of “more” and also it has slowly weighed united state down. We were more focused on do a living (to pay the mortgage, ya know) than making a life.

Living in a 4,000 square foot home is nice, yet the reality as soon as you own a 4,000 square foot residence is the it expenses money—a most money. As soon as you live in Illinois, it expenses even an ext money since of the insane home taxes.

And then through a 4,000 square foot house comes the should fill the home—each and every room—with stuff. Prefer leather couches, and also pool tables, and also everything else you think girlfriend want, but really don’t.

We knew it was time to take it matters right into our very own hands, and also we made decision to market our home. Ns feared the I would feel sadness, but now we’re enduring freedom. We are structure a much smaller home, but that won’t be all set until November.


In the meantime, we are renting this pretty 1800 sq. Ft. Ranch, v a monthly cost 1/2 the of our previous home. I cannot tell friend how an excellent it feels to it is in (much) wiser with our money.

In his article, The Most essential Home to buy Advice You’ll never ever Hear from A Realtor, Joshua offers one the the ideal pieces of advice I’ve ever before heard:

“Buy only the home you need, not the home you can afford.”

I really wish i would have heard this prior to we built the residence we finished up selling, but as castle say, possession is 20/20.

I love the civilization in my house far much more than the home itself, which to me is the solitary most essential thing. It reminds me of miscellaneous Walt Whitman once said, “We were together, ns forget the rest.”

We have actually just started a brand-new journey—one wherein we left behind other we thought we wanted, for something better. Less. And also we i will not ~ look back.

I’ve always known the I produced No Sidebar because that a reason, and also quite honestly, I assumed that reason was come give. But it prospered into a symbiotic relationship—me and the community—and I have received simply as much.

The ar I built and hoped to inspire, inspired and also built me.

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