How big is a 30×40 blanket? This blanket is approximately .73 meters x 1.02 meters. It is approximately as big as a baby, around one to one and a half years old. 


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Other Popular Sizes That Show How Big Is A 30×40 BlanketCrib blanketTwin blanketDoubleQueen KingCare Instructions For A 30×40 BlanketTip #1. Wash frequentlyTip #2. Dry wellTip #3. StorageTip #4. Brush your blanketConclusion

Other Popular Sizes That Show How Big Is A 30×40 Blanket

While the 30 inches x 40 inches blanket remains popular among parents, there are other popular blanket sizes available both online and in-store across the country. Here are a few of the most common blanket sizes and their uses. 

Crib blanket

Aside from the aesthetics, high-quality linen and beddings are essential for babies. They help prevent any irritations or allergies that might come about from poorly-made or rough beddings and linens.  These blankets usually measure 30 inches by 46 inches — just a bit bigger than a 30 inches x 40 inches blanket. However, there can be a bit of variation in the size because babies grow out of things quickly and thus require larger-sized items more frequently. A high-quality crib blanket is a perfect addition to any nursery. Aside from being used in the nursery, babies can also use it in the car or stroller. It also works as a mat for your baby to use when playing on the floor or other possibly dirty surfaces. 

Twin blanket

The twin blanket measures about 90 inches by 60 inches. It is the perfect blanket for a small and cozy twin-sized bed. On top of this, you can also use it as a throw blanket for a larger-sized bed.  


The double blanket comes in at a whopping 90 inches by 80 inches. It is only slightly larger in width than the twin blanket. Aside from keeping the user warm throughout the night, it is also used as a throw blanket sometimes.  


The queen-sized blanket is only the second-largest blanket on this list. It boasts a length of 90-100 inches and a width of 90 inches. Unlike the double and twin blanket, you can’t use this as a throw blanket. However, it does its job at keeping the user warm!  You can also use it more creatively, such as as a wall tapestry. 


The king-sized blanket takes its name from its royal size. This blanket measures 90-100 inches by 108 inches. Blankets of this size are perfect for large beds or for sharing covers. 

Care Instructions For A 30×40 Blanket

Since the 30 inches x 40 inches blanket is most commonly used by babies, it is even more important to keep this blanket clean and safe for sensitive baby skin. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keeping your blanket clean and sanitary. 

Tip #1. Wash frequently

Because blankets come in close and prolonged contact with human skin, the user should wash them frequently. It is recommended that blankets are cleaned every week or every two weeks, depending on use. Depending on the material of the blanket, you may need to hand-wash or machine-wash the fabric. It’s essential to follow this instruction because improperly washing your blanket can lead to irreparable damage. For example, when you machine-wash a wool blanket, the delicate fibers are in danger of fraying. One more thing to consider is the temperature of the water. Most blankets will need a cold or warm water wash. Avoid using hot water. Hot water can make stain damage irreversible. Lastly, it’s generally recommended to use a mild detergent, especially for more delicate materials. 

Tip #2. Dry well

In order to properly dry a blanket, it should be exposed to just the right amount of heat. If you have a dryer, you can chuck your blanket in there and call it a day. Just make sure it’s dryer-safe.  You can also hang your blanket outdoors to sun-dry. However, it would be best if you didn’t let your blanket come in contact with direct sunlight. The sun’s intense rays are a natural bleaching agent. Direct sunlight can discolor your blanket or any other fabric that you leave out in the sun. 

Tip #3. Storage

When not in use, it’s essential to keep your blanket in a cool and dry place. Again, keep your blanket away from direct sunlight so as not to bleach or discolor the fabric.  The type of fabric of the blanket is also important because it may have special storage instructions depending on the type of fabric. Wool, for example, should be folded with acid-free tissue and then stored in an air-tight or vacuum bag.  

Tip #4. Brush your blanket

This last tip may seem a bit weird for some, but brushing your blanket is a thing that people do. In fact, some blanket manufacturers even recommend giving your blanket a few strokes every now and then.  Brushing your blanket can help remove lint and other clumps of debris. It can also help strengthen the fibers of your blanket. 


So, how big is a 30×40 blanket? Now that you know just how large this blanket is, the other kinds of blankets available, and how to care for them, you can now confidently use these blankets.
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