100 feet in height or length have the right to be an overwhelming to visualize uneven you have something to compare it to.

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Most times human being will compare various sizes to specific things like family members items or animals. Comparing sizes with humans can be really effective also to offer you an idea of exactly how tall 100 feet yes, really is.


How high is the median human?

The elevation of humans can vary depending on gender, location, genetics, health, and also more. The median female is roughly 5 foot 3 inches tall and the mean male is 5 foot 9 inches tall. So for the function of this article, us will use 5 feet 6 inch tall as the mean size the a human.


How does 100 feet to compare to a human?

Knowing that the average human is 5 and also a fifty percent feet tall, then 100 feet is about 18 times taller than the typical person.

If you might place 18 people one on optimal of the other, with each other they would certainly equal 100 feet tall.

Keep in mind that no everyone’s the very same height, for this reason this is just an approximation. It’s possible that 17 guys or 19 women have the right to equal 100 feet tall. Top top average, 18 human being averaging 5 feet 6 customs tall will certainly be close to 100 feet.

Human human body parts compared to 100 feet

50 human arms

The average human arm is 25 inch or just over 2 feet long. Therefore, approximately 50 human being arms would certainly be equal to 100 feet.

30 person legs

The average human being leg length is 40 inch or 3 feet 4 inches. For this reason to get an idea of just how tall 100 feet is, you would need around 30 person leg lengths.

300 human hands

The average person hand is 4 customs in length throughout the palm. If you were to heat up 3 hands together, they would certainly equal close come 1 foot in length. Therefore, 300 person hands would equal 1200 inches which is 100 feet in height.

What walk 100 feet actually look like?

As mentioned, picturing 18 human being will give you one idea of just how tall 100 feet is, yet there are countless other items that you can reference together well.

For example, a 10 story building will be roughly 100 feet tall as each story is close come 10 feet tall. No every building is the same however on average, 10 story is 100 feet tall.

Another instance of something that is 100 feet high or the approximate elevation of 18 people is 2 semi-truck trailers. Every trailer that is hauled through a semi-truck is either 48 or 53 feet long. So picturing 2 of these trailers together is a an excellent reference because that something the is 100 feet.


Cars room also great to usage as a reference for size measurements together the average auto is 15 feet lengthy which is close to the size of 3 people together. If you snapshot 7 cars lined up in a row, they will be just over 100 feet long. Return it’s not an exact measurement, it gives a an excellent reference.

One of the largest pets in the ocean is the Blue Whale which is about 100 feet long.

There are likewise several types of trees the will grow to it is in 100 feet tall. Because that example, the outright Cypress and also Cottonwood trees can reach 100 feet tall or more.

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